Preliminary Agenda


Fall, 2012 Business Meeting, Speaker, and Luncheon


24 October 2012 -- UMC 235   10 A.M.

Business Meeting -- 10:00 A.M.-11:45 A.M.


·           Welcome


·           In Memory of Departed Colleagues (please stand in silence as names are read)


·           Corrections to, and approval of minutes of, the April 18 2012 Business Meeting         


·           Reports from Officers, Representatives, Liaisons and Committee Chairs


o    President's remarks (Nort Steuben)


o    Vice President's remarks (Richard Blade)


o    Treasurer's report (Gloria Main)


o    Membership chair's report (Bill Jones)


o    Ombudsperson's report (Lee Potts)


o    UBAB report (Stuart Schneck)


o    F.C. Personnel Committee representative report (Gloria Main)


o    Kisslinger CURFA Graduate Student Awards (Sandra Moriarty)


o    Retiree Research Grants (Charles Howe)


·           Liaison Reports


o    Faculty Council (Oliver Ellsworth)


o    Boulder Faculty Assembly (David Kassoy and Frank Beer)


o    UCHSC (Bill Marine)


o    UCCS (Douglas Swartztzendruber)


o     UCD (Wesley LeMasurier)


 Old Business:


 New Business:

I. Election of CURFA Officers for 2012-2014 (those with * are new):

President - Richard Blade
Past President - Norton Steuben
Vice President/President Elect - David Kassoy*
Treasurer - Gloria Main
General Secretary - Uriel Nauenberg*
Membership Secretary - Bill Jones
Ombudsperson - Lee Potts

Faculty Council - Oliver Ellsworth (one year left in term)
FC Personnel Committee - Gloria Main (one year left in term)
UCB Faculty Assembly - Frank Beer, David Kassoy (one year left in terms)
UBAB - Stuart Schneck (appointed by the University President)

LIAISONS from campus retirement organizations (determined by the campus organizations):
UCD - Wesley LeMasurier
UCHSC - William Marine
UCCS - Douglas Swartzendruber

Kisslinger Awards - Sandra Moriarty
Retiree research grants - Chuck Howe
Webmaster - Neil Ashby
Membership Directory - Marc Swadener

CU President's representative - determined by the University President
Newsletter - Alan Kirkpatrick
Adminstrative Assistant - Sue Middleton


A number of active members of CURFA have indicated that they support membership in CURFA for retiring Senior Instructors and Instructors, as defined by the University of Colorado. Therefore, the resolution below is referred to the CURFA General Meeting by vote of the CURFA Executive Board, as constituted under Article IV, Section A, Subsection 3.

ARTICLE III, SECTION A OF THE BY-LAWS shall be partially amended to state, in the first line, after the word 'members': ". . . all retired Senior Instructors and Instructors who have retired from the University of Colorado." ARTICLE III, SECTION B OF THE BY-LAWS shall be partially amended to delete in the second line the words "university appointments" and to substitute the words "the University of Colorado." (For the CURFA By-Laws, please see http://www.colorado.edu/RetiredFaculty. By-laws are listed on the far left side bar.)


·         Comments and questions from the floor



Social time in Lobby -- 11:45 A.M.              Luncheon Buffet 12:15 A.M.

Featured Speaker:  Richard Stucky, Curator of Paleoecology & Evolution, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

“The Incredible Fossil Find at Snowmass”

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