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The correspondences and theoretical assertions explained previously are not the idle musings of academicians or dry postulations without practical import.
They are rather contained within a practical tradition. As Woodroffe states unequivocally:
"Theorizing alone is insufficient. The Shakta, above all, is a practical and active man, worshipping the Divine Activity; his watchword is Kriya or Action." This action takes place within an institution that is called sadhana. "
"Just as the body requires exercise, training and gymnastics so does the mind…The means employed are called Sadhana which comes from the root 'Sadh,' to exert.'" From this exertion, and only by means of it comes the desired goal of tantric systems.
"Sadhana is that, which produces Siddhi or the result sought, be it material or spiritual advancement. It is the means or practice by which the desired end may be attained and consists in the training and exercise of the body and psychic faculties, upon the gradual perfection of which Siddhi follows."