Dealing then predominately with Shakta texts (though often Vedantized) Woodroffe's mantra, repeated as if it were the Gayatri, is that this world is nothing but Shakti, nothing but the power of the Goddess.
The Goddess in dialouge with herself in  mookerjee, RITUAL ART OF INDIA plate 87
"The whole universe is Shakti, and is pervaded by Shakti."
She is herself nothing other than the form of the universe existing as blissful consciousness and power.

"Shakti who is in Herself pure blissful Consciousness (Cidrupini) is also the Mother of Nature and is Nature itself born of the creative play of Her thought."

In this respect then, she is Maya-Shakti, but Maya is not, as is so often misunderstood, 'illusion'--that which veiled the true nature of the cosmos. It is rather this cosmos, experience grounded in time and space which is both Self and non-Self. It is Shakti in the form of matter, which is nothing other than the fundamental power (Shakti) of the universe.