The pages that follow will attempt a brief characterization of Sir John Woodroffe's representations of Hindu Tantra.
"The fertilized World-egg, divided into regions and currents of Energy Rajasthan 18thC. in Rawson TANTA:The Indian Cult of Ecstacy
However, trying to represent his position on this amazingly diverse category is a bit like trying to characterize tantra 'itself'. His voluminous writings are polymorphous and polycentric as he dances his way through many different texts, practices and oral teachings.
Navigating his varying states of consciousness, as manifest in his writings, the reader oscillates between lucid penetrating remarks and repetitive disenfranchised referentials awash in the pale vertigo of Woodroffe's more opaque days.
As a lengthy representation of Woodroffe's work is beyond the scope of this performance let the next several pages serve as a humble opening to the fascinating, if sometimes incomprehensible, work of this great scholar.

As a result of the limited orbit of this presentation I will address only Woodroffe's work on tantric 'metaphysics,' Sadhana,Mantra and Kundalini Yoga.