technical support

this site makes use of dynamic html and technology which requires the support of a 4.0 browser or higher. in order to experience every element of theStrip, you will need the following...

free browsers
a browser is a program which allows you to use your internet connection to access web sites--you're using one right now to view this page. in order to use some of the dynamic elements of theStrip, you will need a recent browser which supports javascript and dhtml. below are two of the more popular browsers:
netscape navigator
microsoft internet explorer

free plug ins
a plug in is a small program which is used by your browser to run proprietary, third-party, products. an example of such a product is shockwave flash, which is used abundantly on this site. if you are missing the plug-in to view something, your browser should know how to find the plug in, but here are a few links to help you:

if you have any trouble accessing or interfacing with theStrip, please contact us!

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