A. Robert D Baird, . (University of Iowa)


School of Religion 314 Gilmore Hall Iowa City, Iowa, 52242

Topics of Interest: Professor Baird's main work in the field has been to offer general survey texts and comparative works. Some of his current work entails looking at the categories of religion and the secular and their role in religious change within modern India.

B. Douglas Brooks (University of Rochester)


Department of religion and Classics, RRLib 430 University of Rochester, Rochester NY 14627 USA 275-5378 or 275-9369.

Topics of Interest: Professor Brook's primary interest is Hindu Tantra, specifically, He has done a lot of work with the Srividya Tantrics of Southern Indian. He is also interested in Sakta literature, living traditions, Vedic ritual, Darsana, Devi traditions, and Sanskrit literature.

C. C. Mackenzie Brown (Trinity University)


Department of religion Trinity University San Antonio, TX USA 210-736-8429 (office)

Topics of Interest: Her research interests include Bhakti, Mythology, Goddesses, The Puranas, Tantra, The Devi Mahatmya , and The Devi Gita.

D. Andrew L. Cohen (University of Central Arkansas)


Art Department University of Central Arkansas Conway, AR 72035 501-450-5791

Topics of Interest: His areas of specialization include South Indian (Karnataka) medieval temples. He is concerned with methodological historiographic issues and how scholarship has constituted "central" and "Peripheral" regions of art.

E. John Cort (Denison University)

Address: Department of Religion Denison University Granville, Ohio 43023 USA 614-587-6254

Topics of Interest: Prof. Cort is interested in the devotional religious traditions of South Asia. His primary work has focused upon the Jain tradition up to this point. He has taught at Harvard, Colombia and now at Denison

F. Harold Coward (University of Victoria)


Director Centre for Studies of Religion and Society University of Victoria P.O. Box 3045 Victoria BC V8W 3P4 Canada 604-721-6325

Topics of Interest: Professor Coward is interested in Indian philosophy and religion with particular emphasis upon the Grammarian and Yoga schools. He has written an excellent book on Mantra. He is interested in such comparative issues as pluralism and "Derrida and Indian Philosophy." Some of his other research interests include environmental ethics, Karma theory and Hindu ethics.

G. Doniger-O'Flaherty (University of Chicago)


University of Chicago Divinity School 1025 East 58th Street Chicago IL, 60637

Topics of Interest: What can we say about this woman? She is one of the preeminent figures in the field. She has arguably done more to revolutionize South Asian studies than anyone else in the recent past. Her publications list could fill this entire page. However, the primary focus of her work has been in the realm of textual studies. She has done excellent work on Siva and some issues of Sexuality within Indian Scripture. Even her first publication with Gordon Wasson has become extremely influential. She has been a pivotal figure in the recent surge of Puranic scholarship.

H. Diana Eck (Harvard University)


Committee on the Study of Religion Phillips Brooks House Cambridge, Mass,02138.

Topics of Interest: Professor Eck's work is a real delight to read, she has a lucid prose which cuts through erudition unlike the majority of academics I have read at this point. Her research interests are widely varied. She has done a great deal of work on pilgrimage and the concept of Tirthas. Her book on Varanasi is exceptional, as well as her book called Darshan. At this point, I think she has shied away from more work in India and is working on comparative projects in the United States.

I. Ainslie Embree (Columbia University)


54 Morningside Drive New York, NY 10025 212-749-4407

Topics of Interest: He is concerned primarily with the history of South Asia and has pursued such topics as Religion and Nationalism, human rights, and ethnic conflict.

J. Nancy Auer Falk (Western Michigan University)


Department of Comparative Religion Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, MI 49008 USA

616-387-4393 (Office) 616-357-7409 (residence)

Topics of Interest: Professor Falk's current research interests include: "Women's issues", Indian Feminists,. Religion and Nationalism, Vivekananda, communalism and contemporary women's groups and practices.

K. Ann Gold (Syracuse University)


Department of Religion Syracuse University Syracuse, NY 13244 USA

315-443-5717 (Office) 607-273-5020 (residence) (academic year) (Summer and Holidays)

Topics of Interest: Trained as an anthropologist, her current research interests center around North India and Rajastan. Her current project is on oral histories of environmental, political, social, religious and moral transformations over the past 50 years in Sawar and its surrounding villages. She is also working on a project on myths and folklore about grain.

I. Daniel Gold (Cornell University)


Department of Asian Studies Cornell University Ithaca, New York 14853

607-255-1339 (office) 607-273-5020 (residence)

Topics of Interest: His research interests include the devotional movements and tantric traditions of Hindi speaking areas, guru-disciple relationships, and Hindi and Urdu Literature. He is currently working on a project on the popular esoteric traditions of householder Naths in Rajasthan.

J. Robert P. Goldman (University of California at Berkeley)


Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies University of California at Berkeley Berkeley, California, 94720


Topics of Interest: Professor Goldman is interested in epic studies, psychology and traditional India, gender studies, power, authority, and Sanskrit Languages and Literature.

K. John Grimes (National University of Singapore)


Department of Philosophy National University of Singapore 10 Kent ridge Crescent Singapore, 0511

65-772-6595 (Office) 65-274-8343 (Residence)

Topics of Interest; Professor Grimes is a graduate of the Radhakrishnan Institute at the University of Madras and is especially interested in Vedanta, Ganesa, Ramayana, religious language, ancient Indian education and Hari Katha.

L. David Haberman (Indiana University)


Department of Religious Studies Sycamore Hall 230 Indiana University, Bloomington, In 47405


Topics of Interest: Professor Haberman's research interest include medieval and modern bhakti, ritual and temple worship, pilgrimage, and western representations of Hinduism. He is also interested in exploring the interactions between Hinduism and the academic study of religion. His main research languages include Hindi, Sanskrit, and Bengali.

M. Robert L. Hardgrave Jr. (University of Texas)


Department of Asian Studies The University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 78712

512-471-5811 (office) 512-327-0482 (Residence)

Topics of Interest: Professor Hardgrave is interested in Indian and international politics and ethnic and religious conflict in South Asia.

N. John Stratton Hawley (Columbia University) (Jack)


Professor and Chair Department of Religion Barnard College New York NY 10027 USA

212-854 5292 212-854-2597 212-854-3616

Topics of Interest: Professor Hawley's geographic area is Northern India and is more specifically interested in Bhakti, gender issues, the Goddess, religion in modern India and Braj Bhasa Literature. He is also working on putting together the Dharam Hinduja Indic Research Center at Columbia.

O. Alf Hiltebietel (The George Washington University)


Religion Department The George Washington University 2106 G St., N.W. Washington DC 20052

202363-9497 (residence) 202994-0348 (Office)

Topics of Interest: Professor Hiltebietal's primary work is in the literature of Tamil and Sanskrit texts. His research has and does center primarily upon the epics, Vedic Studies, colonial studies and post-colonial studies. The main thrust of his work is on the Mahabharata.

P. Klaus Klostermaier (University of Manitoba)


University of Manitoba Department of Religious Studies Ft. Garry Campus Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada

Topics of Interest: Professor Klostermaier's primary research interests have focused upon comparative topics. He has done a great deal of work looking at Hinduism in terms of Western traditions. He has also done some work on Krsna. He has also published a survey of Hinduism text which I feel is one of the most thorough introductory texts on the subject (although overly erudite in places).

Q. David Knipe (University of Wisconsin)


South Asian Studies 1238 Van Hise 1220 Linden Drive Madison, WI 53706

Topics of Interest: Professor Knipe's primary research interests seem to focus upon the Vedas. He has published volumes on the Image of fire in the Veda as well as comparative endeavors with near-eastern traditions and Jainism. He has also not confined himself to the textual medium and has produced a series of videos which explore the religions of South Asia.

R. Gerald Larson (Indiana University)


Department of Religious Studies Sycamore Hall 230 Bloomington, IN 47405

Topics of Interest: For years, Professor Larson has published widely in a number of different areas. He has done work on classical Samkhya philosophy, Abhinavagupta and Kasmir Saivism, the Gita as a cultural process, and a few other topics.

S. Robert Lester (University of Colorado)


Department of Religious Studies C.B. 292 University of Colorado Boulder, CO 80309


Topics of Interest: Professor Lester's past work has focused upon Srivaishnava traditions, Gandhi, North American Hinduism and Theravada Buddhism. His current research interests include environmental ethics and the Hindu tradition as well as some facets of the Sadhu tradition.

T. Olivelle, Patrick (University of Texas, Austin)



Topics of Interest: Professor Olivelle is primarily interested in the phenomena of renunciation in the Hindu context. He has done an excellent translation of the so called Samnyasa Upanisads, and is producing another entire volume on renunciation in Medieval times.

U. Tracy Pintchman (Loyola University of Chicago)


Department of Theology Loyola University of Chicago 6525 N. Sheridan Rd. Chicago, IL, 60626

312-508-2372 (Office) 312-743-8056 (residence)

Topics of Interest: Professor Pintchman's research interests include the Goddess, Hindu Cosmology and Cosmogony, sacrifice, body symbolism, the Puranas and pilgrimage.

V. Brian Smith (University of California at Riverside)


Department of Religious Studies University of California at Riverside Riverside, CA 92521


Topics of Interest: Professor Smith is interested in Contemporary Hinduism, Vedic religion, ritual, Sanskrit and Caste studies.

David White (UCSB)


Department of Religious Studies University of California Santa Barbara, CA 93106-3130

Topics of Interests: Professor White is interested in alchemy, Tantra, Mythology, Saivism, Yoga and Sanskrit and Hindi Language and Literature. .

X. Kenneth Zysk (New York University)


Department of Near Eastern Languages and Literature New York University 50 Washington Square South New York NY 10012


Topics of Interest: Professor Zysk is interested in Ayurveda and Vedic studies and has published a book on healing in the Indian tradition. He is also interested in Theravada Buddhism and Kamasastra.