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Scanning Life's Matrix: Microarray Technology

DNA Microarray Methodology - Flash Animation - An online animation explaining how microarray technology is performed.

Using Microarrays to Study Leukemia
Teacher instructions - Teacher instructions and answers to all parts of the activity listed below.

Introduction - This page contains background information on leukemia needed to understand the other parts of the activity.

Diagnosis of ALL vs AML - This page contains directions for the an activity found online as well as help integrating the online activity into the multipart activity described here.

Using Microarrays to Identify Subtypes of ALL - In this activity, participants sort microarray data in order to identify a new, previously unidentified, subtype of ALL.

Microarray Data - This page contains the microarray data to be used to identify subtypes of ALL. This page will need to be cut into strips as described in the teacher instructions.

Using Microarrays to Characterize Leukemia Cells - In this activity, participants use the data from their microarray to decide where in their development the white blood cells in this new ALL subtype are arrested.

Using Microarray Data to Find Treatments - In this activity, participants use their microarray data, and search the ncbi database to identify possible drug targets for the newly identified subtype of ALL.

NCBI Website - Understanding the information on the Locus Link page - An explanation of some of the features of the NCBI website, as well as some advice on how to use the website to research the function of a protein (pdf format)

All resources are in pdf format



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