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Introduction to Genomics/Bioinformatics

Polymerase Chain Reaction A description of how polymerase chain reaction works. (pdf format)

Genome - Wide Linkage Mapping - Learn a technique that researchers use to map disease causing mutations to a specific gene if possible, or if not, to as small a region of the human genome as possible. This is an advanced activity (AP Bio students). It requires an understanding of patterns of inheritance and meiosis, and could be used to review those topics and carry them a step further.
Student Activity
Student Data Sheet for Genome Mapping
Teacher Instructions
Completed Data Sheet for Genome Mapping
Computer Activity Followup - Use the human genome data online to survey the part of the genome identified above for candidate disease causing genes.
All genome mapping resources are in pdf format

Useful Genomics Websites (pdf format)

Basic DNA resources - Additional activities and information that could be useful.
DNA Components and Structure
DNA molecule for DNA Components and Structure
Template of puzzle pieces for DNA Components and Structure
Gel Electrophoresis - A description of the process and uses of gel electrophoresis.
Teacher instructions for gel electrophoresis
All resources are in pdf format



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