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32nd Annual Arctic Workshop Abstracts
March 14-16, 2002
INSTAAR, University of Colorado at Boulder

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HUNTINGTON, HENRY P.. Huntington Consulting/HARC SMO.

Humans have long been part of the Arctic system. In recent decades, their influence on the Arctic has increased greatly. Many of the ways in which the Arctic affects humans have also changes, some significantly and some subtly or not at all. To examine these and related aspects of the Arctic system, NSF started the Human Dimensions of the Arctic System (HARC) initiative in 1997, with the issuance of the HARC Prospectus. Unfortunately, response to the initiative has been lower than anticipated. In 2000, the ARCSS Committee recommended establishing a Science Management Office (SMO) for HARC, as has been done for other ARCSS components. In 2001, the HARC SMO began operation. This presentation describes the activities and plans of the SMO, and encourages investigators to create research partnerships in the social and natural sciences in order to develop this initiative further.


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