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32nd Annual Arctic Workshop Abstracts
March 14-16, 2002
INSTAAR, University of Colorado at Boulder

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ROUSSEAU, DENIS-DIDIER . CNRS-Universite Montpellier II.
Jolly, Dominique . Universite Montpellier II.
Duzer, Danielle . CNRS-Universite Montpellier II.
Cambon, Genevieve . CNRS-Universite Montpellier II.
Ferrier, Jackie . CNRS-Universite Montpellier II.
Gros, Robert . CNRS-Universite Montpellier II.

This paper concerns the preliminary results of an on-going project to survey the present pollen rain of the Greenland atmosphere by distinguishing the pollen grains produced by the local tundra vegetation, relatively few diversified, to exotic pollen originated from other regions such as North America. First, soil surface samples mainly record the pollen production of the local tundra vegetation although one of them shows the presence of oak, which is exotic to Greenland. Second, a pollen collector installed at Kangerlussuaq, on the West Coast of Greenland, nearby a meteorological station, shows that the vegetative season is restricted only to 9 weeks. The comparison with other records, especially from more temperate area characterizes the adaptation of plants to arctic conditions. Furthermore the recognition of exotic pollen such as cereals, hackberry, vine, olive, oak, sycamore and pine in a region where only short tundra vegetation grows clearly demonstrates that there are really inputs of exotic pollen probably originated from various regions of North America.


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