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Person working in blowing snow

Field work on surface-boundary layer trace gas fluxes, Summit, Greenland, 2000. Photo:  Detlev Helmig (INSTAAR)


Submit Abstract

24 Feb deadline has passed.

The abstract deadline has passed. Although we are not accepting any more abstracts, we encourage new registrations. These new registrants can attend all parts of the meeting but will not be able to make an oral or poster presentation.

Talk duration

Talk length will be 12 minutes plus 3 minutes for questions and transition to the next speaker.


The following equipment will be available for those giving talks: 2 slide projectors, 2 overhead projectors, and a computer LCD projector.

PowerPoint presentations

Speakers with PowerPoint presentations should put their PowerPoint file(s) onto our Mac or PC computer in advance of your presentation, rather than use your laptop which may cause technical problems and interrupt the meeting. To be totally safe, it is best to use common system fonts (i.e., Arial, Times New Roman, Courier, Symbol). Our PC is running PowerPoint 2002. The Mac is running PowerPoint v.X release 1 for OS X.

We recommend sending your PowerPoint presentation by FTP by the end of the day Tuesday 09 March to (name your file or directory either lastname_firstname_MAC.ppt or lastname_firstname_PC.ppt). To be extra safe, please bring a backup copy of your talk with you to the meeting on a CD or USB flash memory stick (thumb drive).

Another option is to physically put your presentation onto our PC or Mac computers between 5 and 8 pm during the Icebreaker on Wednesday evening, which will give you ample time to double check animations etc (if necessary). Speakers in the first morning session on Thursday should have their files loaded by Wednesday evening. A final option for later speakers is to load your presentation at least 30 minutes before the start of each day's first morning session or during lunch at least 30 minutes before the start of the first afternoon session. You can burn your presentation onto a CD or copy onto a USB flash memory stick (thumb drive). Zip disks are less desirable given their occasional failure.


Poster size is limited to about 1 m by 1 m. Please put up your posters as early as possible, and leave them up as long as possible during the workshop. Hang your poster in its assigned space in the 2nd floor hallways of RL-1. The assignments are given in the detailed program as a number from 1 to 42 next to the first author's name. Your assignment number has *no* relationship to the confirmation number you recieved upon submission of your abstract (i.e. A38). Our intention is that posters will be made available for informal review by participants during the Icebreaker, session breaks, and at other times, as well as during the official poster session on Friday morning.