SMART 2018 Student Application

Application Deadline

For the 2018 SMART Program, please apply via the Leadership Alliance Summer Research Early Identification Program (SR-EIP). You may use the SR-EIP online application beginning November 1, 2017. SMART students will be selected by CU faculty from the pool of accepted applicants to the Leadership Alliance SR-EIP. Please go to the Leadership Alliance SR-EIP website for more information on how to register and apply.

Attention Neuroscience applicants! Students with an interest in the Neuroscience program at CU-Boulder are advised to choose "Life Sciences" as their primary research field when submitting an application through the Leadership Alliance SR-EIP website. CU-Boulder is not an option when applying to any of the Psychology disciplines on the SR-EIP website. We do read applications carefully, however, and we will be sure to match yours specifically to your desired field when it is under review.