GEOL 1070
Global Change 2: An Earth Sciences Perspective

MWF Noon, Benson Earth Sciences Room 180

Professor Jason Neff



Text: Environmental Science, Botkin and Keller

This course will focus on the structure and functioning of the Earth's surface, and in particular, how humans interact with these systems. We will build on what you have learned in GEOL 1060.

There will be 2 exams during the semester, plus the final exam. There will also be 4 quizzes during the semester. You may drop one of the quizzes. Exams , including the final exam, are non-cumulative. Exams will cover quiz materials.

If you know that you will miss an exam or a quiz and wish to make it up, you must see the Professor prior to the exam or quiz; otherwise, make-up exams and quizzes will not be given.


Each quiz: 10% (total of 30%)

Each exam: 23% (total of 46%)

Final exam: 24%



Course Outline and Readings

Introduction to Environmental Sciences Chapters 1 and 2

The Earth as a System Chapter 3

Biogeochemical cycles Chapter 4

Human population Chapter 5

Impacts of agriculture on the environment Chapters 11 and 12

Energy Chapters 16, 17, 18, 19

Water and the hydrologic cycle Chapter 20 and 21

Waste Management 28

Minerals and the environment 29

Humans as the Major Agent of Global Change Chapter 30