Below is a QuickTime virtual version of the structure rock we used in class on 31 August.

<a href="">[View QuickTime Movie]</a>

(You can zoom in with the shift key, out with control, and slide the rock up and down with option-click-drag. You can rotate the rock around a vertical axis by clicking down and dragging to the left or right)

There are three prominent elements visible in this rock:

  1. A foliation (sort of the mottle white band running up the right side of the initail view of the rock)
  2. A vein of quartz (the solid white stripe running from lower left to upper right of the initial view)
  3. A fault that truncates the foliation and quartz vein (on the right hand side of the rock).

By examining the cross-cutting relationships, you should be able to tell which element is oldest, which next oldest, and which is youngest.

As an extra challenge, see if you can figure out exactly how the fault moved (how the far side moved with respect to the near side). You might find it handy to look at the fault-end of the rock end-on.