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This page is underconstruction but will hopefully review three aspects of the geology of California including the Sierra Nevada batholith.
This is Allen Glazner's page with lots of really nice photos!
The Southern Sierran Continental Dynamics Page
A class webpage from the University of Oregon outlining general geologic history.
The Tuolumne Intrusive Suite, California
A Field Trip to Owens Valley/Mammoth Lakes
This link speaks for itself - just go! Tons of additional links from this site
The Sierra Nevada Batholith as exposed in the Yosemite Valley area and western foothills of the Sierran Nevada
Eclogitic residues from beneath the Sierra Nevada; similarities between the extraction of Cordilleran and Archean Granitoids
Homepage of Mihai Nicolae Ducea
TONALITE-GRANODIORITE-GRANITE Tuolumne Intrusive Series, Sierra Nevada Batholith, Yosemite National Park, California
Igneous Rocks of the Continental Lithosphere
Homepage of Jason B. Saleeby
Application of salt tectonics to the understanding of granite emplacement
Bonding, Silicates, and Rocks

There are tons of pages regarding different aspects of the Sierra Nevada batholith. From my search I chose to highlight the above pages.

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