NAU Mesozoic Paleogeography images

The set of images loading below totals just under 3 Mb (but then you'll have the whole Mesozoic plus the Permian). This uses Shockwave 7.0; your browser will alert you if you need to update (it is possible that one of the computer room computers will not allow you to update shockwave; then you'll want to go to the original source at Northern Arizona University). These movies also put some demand on your browser; some browsers might need more memory and should alert you if space is tight.

These images were made by Ronald Blakely at Northern Arizona University. The global images are roughly centered on Laurentia (which is mainly the core of modern North America), which was rotated a little clockwise relative to today (so the west coast is on the upper left in most of these images). The western U.S. images have two flavors: a paleogeographic image, and a structural elements image. There is some text for each image at the NAU site. Organization of the images into this "movie" was done here at CU.

To navigate, click on the main image to go forward in time. To see the associated western U.S. image from the global map, click on the "WUS" in the lower right corner. To see the associated global image from the western U.S. image, click on the mini-globe in the lower right. To go back one image, click on the back arrow. You can also return to the Paleozoic or move on to the Cenozoic.