Critical Sports Studies

Undergraduates may take coursework in the area of Critical Sports Studies (CSS).


Critical sport studies—which examines sports and their social, cultural, historical, and economic contexts—is a rapidly growing interdisciplinary field that engages cultural studies, the humanities, social sciences, and professional fields such as business and law. Though few students are aware of the field before reaching college, universities in the United States and around the globe are increasingly engaging in the sociocultural study of sports. The potential student audience of critical sports studies has grown significantly as the broad application and interdisciplinary nature of the field has recently attracted students majoring in ethnic studies, communications, management, psychology, and sociology to name just a few. Critical sport studies is also making great strides in understanding how sport and play function in everyday interactions and how it can be harnessed to support social and cultural change.

Certificate in Critical Sports Studies

We are currently developing an undergraduate certificate in Critical Sports Studies. When it is approved we will update this page with details on admission to the program, requirements, etc.