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Jane Lillydahl Jane Lillydahl
Emeritus and Adjunct Professor






Labor Economics and Urban Economics

Current Research Interests:
The changing American workplace; trends in the supply and demand for skills in the U.S. workforce; innovative human resource managment practices.


National Association of Forensic Economics

PhD–Duke University
MA–Duke University
BA–Denison University

Dr. Lillydahl has done research on numerous topics in labor and urban economics. A few examples of areas she has published in include: youth employment and unemployment; university faculty compensation and time allocation; commuting patterns of workers; and growth management in the housing market.

From 1986 to 1996, Dr. Lillydahl held administrative positions at CU. She was Associate Dean of the Graduate School for the Boulder campus and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Dean of the Summer School for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Lillydahl serves as an expert witness for Colorado law firms regarding employment discrimination and termination, personal injury, and wrongful death cases.