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William H. KaempferWilliam H. Kaempfer
Professor, Senior Vice Provost, Associate Vice Chancellor for Budget and Planning,
and Interim Dean, Leeds School of Business

Office: Regent 361
Fax: 303.492.8960
Dept. Phone: 303.735.5500
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International Political Economy • Economic Theory

Current Research Interests:
The political economy of the choice between protection forms; international applications of endogenous policy theory; the economic and political impacts of international economic sanctions.

Short CV

PhD–Duke University
MA–Duke University
BA–College of Wooster

PhD, Duke University, 1979, is a professor and international economist conducting research in international political economy and policy. He has examined the political effects of international political economic sanctions policies, particularly as applied to investment and trade sanctions against South Africa. He has also conducted a public choice analysis of the motivations behind uses of alternate protective devices, such as tariffs and quotas, and time series analysis of the endogencity of protection. In a different direction, he has undertaken studies of the impacts of the use of salary arbitration by major league baseball. He is currently serving the university as Vice Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor for Budget and Planning.