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Discussion Papers in Economics: 1999

99-31 Martinez, Josefina, "Revenue-Neutral Tariff Reform: The Welfare Effects of Uniform Tariffs in 13 Developing Countries," December 1999.
99-30 Flores, Nicholas E., "The Importance of Agenda and Willingness to Pay," December 1999.
99-29 Hsiao, Frank S. T. and Mei-chu Hsiao, "Economic Liberalization and Development - The Case of Lifting Martial Law in Taiwan," November 1999.
99-28 Koenigsberg, Robin, "Multinational Firm Decision Making in the Presence of Enforceable Transfer Pricing Regulations," November 1999.
99-27 Chen, Yongmin and Congming Li, "Designing a Market under Unknown Common Values," November 1999.
99-26 Alberini, Anna and Shelby Frost, "Forcing Firms to Think About the Future: Economic Incentives and the Fate of Hazardous Waste," November 1999.
99-25 Mertens, William G., "Economic Integration in an Endogenous Policy Model," November 1999. [Downloadable Microsoft Word file]
99-24 Chen, Yongmin, "On Vertical Mergers and Their Competitive Effects," October 1999. Published in RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 32, No. 4, pp. 667-685, Winter 2001.
99-23 Light, Miles K., Charles D. Kolstad and Thomas F. Rutherford, "Coal Markets, Carbon Leakage and the Kyoto Protocol," October 1999.
99-22 Light, Miles K., "Optimal Taxation and Transboundary Pollution," November 1999.
99-21 Hussain, Mahmood, "Child Labor Standards and Economic Growth: An Econometric-Analysis," October 1999.
99-20 Rajbhandary, Sameer, "The Impact of Child Death on Birth Interval: A Hazard Model Analysis of Micro Data from Nepal," October 1999.
99-19 Imai, Kenichi, "Suburbanization of Asian LDC Large Cities," July 1999.
99-18 Alberini, Anna, Kevin Boyle and Michael Welsh, "Analysis of Contingent Valuation Data with Multiple Bids and Response Options Allowing Respondents to Express Uncertainty," October 1999.
99-17 Baerenss, Antje, "R&D Joint Ventures: The Case of Asymmetric Firms," October 1999. [Downloadable Microsoft Word file]
99-16 Neumann, Rebecca M., "International Capital Flows under Asymmetric Information and Costly Monitoring: Implications of Debt and Equity Financing," October 1999. [Downloadable Microsoft Word file]
99-15 Videras, Julio N. and Anna Alberini, "The Appeal of Voluntary Environmental Programs: Which Firms Participate and Why?," October 1999.
99-14 Flores, Nicholas E., "Environmental Values and National Economic Accounts: A Theoretical Inquiry," October 5, 1999 (a revision of Working Paper 98-3).
99-13 Champ, Patricia A., Nicholas E. Flores, Thomas C. Brown and James Chivers, "Contingent Valuation and Incentives," September 1999.
99-12 Boileau, Martin and Michel Normandin, "Capacity Utilization and the Dynamics of Business Cycle Fluctuations," September 1999.
99-11 Alberini, Anna, "The Effects of Regulation and Substitution between Sources of Pollution: An Empirical Analysis of Florida's Storage Tanks," September 1999.
99-10 Hill, Jonathan B., "a-Stable x2 Consistent Functional Specification Tests for Stable Domains under Data Dependence," July 1999.
99-09 Breuer, Janice Boucher, Robert McNown and Myles Wallace, "Series-specific Tests for a Unit Root in a Panel Setting with an Application to Real Exchange Rates," June 1999.
99-08 Maskus, Keith E. and Yongmin Chen, "Vertical Price Control and Parallel Imports," May 1999.
99-07 Robles, Jack, "An Evolutionary 'Folk Theorem' for Finitely Repeated Games," May 1999.
99-06 Chen, Yongmin, "Oligopoly price discrimination and resale price maintenance," March 1999. Published in RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 30, No. 3, pp. 441-455, Autumn 1999.
99-05 Robles, Jack, "Evolution in Finitely Repeated Coordination Games," January 1999.
99-04 Alberini, Anna and David Austin, "Accidents Waiting to Happen: Liability Policy and Toxic Pollution Releases", February 1999.
99-03 Beauchemin, Kenneth R., "W(h)ither the Stock of Public Capital?," January 1999.
99-02 Boileau, Martin, "Trade in Capital Goods and Investment-Specific Technical Change," January 1999.
99-01 Maskus, Keith E. and Christine McDaniel, "Impacts of the Japanese Patent System on Productivity Growth," December 1998.