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Discussion Papers in Economics: 1998

98-36 Robles, Jack, "Comment on: Transfers in Kind: Why they can be Efficient and Nonpaternalistic," December 1998.
98-35 Zax, Jeffrey S. and Daniel I. Rees, "Environment, Ability, Effort and Earnings," December 1998.
98-34 Yang, Guifang and Keith E. Maskus, "Intellectual Property Rights and Licensing: an Econometric Investigation," November 1998.
98-33 Alm, James, M. V. Lee Badgett, and Leslie A. Whittington, "Wedding Bell Blues: The Income Tax Consequences of Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage," November 1998.
98-32 Grewe, Christopher D., "The Estimation of Linear Expenditure Demand Equations for Food with an Extended Set of Demographic Variables," November 1998.
98-31 Boileau, Martin and Michel Normandin, "Aggregate Employment, Real Business Cycles, and Superior Information," November 1998.
98-30 Klopfenstein, Kristin, "A Reconsideration of Immigrant Assimilation and Welfare Participation," October 1998.
98-29 McDaniel, Christine, "Legal Features of the Japanese Patent System and Impacts on Technology Diffusion," October 1998.
98-28 Lee, Amanda, "Environmental Compliance Under Uncertain Regulation," October 1998.
98-27 Berg, Gregory D., "Extending Powell's Semiparametric Censored Estimator to Include Non-Linear Functional Forms and Extending Buchinsky's Estimation Technique," October 1998.
98-26 Lynch, Jim and Jeffrey S. Zax, "Prizes, Selection and Performance in Arabian Horse Racing," October 1998.
98-25 Morey, Edward R., Vijaya R. Sharma and Anne Mills, "Estimating Malaria Patients' Household Compensating Variations for Health Care Proposals in Nepal," June 1998.
98-24 Ahrens, W. Ashley and Vijaya R. Sharma, "Trends in Natural Resource Commodity Prices: Deterministic or Stochastic?" May 1996.
98-23 Carlos, Ann, Yongmin Chen and Ron Smith, "Purchasing Strategies: The Case of the Royal African Company," October 1998.
98-22 Beauchemin, Kenneth R., "Growth or Stagnation? The Role of Public Education," October 1998.
98-21 Feeney, JoAnne and Arye Hillman, "Privatization and Endogenous Strategic Trade Policy," May 1998.
98-20 Barnhart, Scott W., Robert McNown and Myles S. Wallace, "Noninformative Tests of the Unbiased Forward Exchange Rate," September 1998.
98-19 Carlos, Ann M. and Frank D. Lewis, "The Consumption of Native Americans in the Eighteenth Century: Lessons from York Factory, Hudson Bay," September 1998.
98-18 Alm, James and Sally Wallace, "Which Elasticity? Estimating the Responsiveness of Taxpayer Reporting Decisions," August 1998.
98-17 Alm, James, Gary H. McClelland, and William D. Schulze, "Changing the Social Norm of Tax Compliance by Voting," June 1998.
98-16 Alm, James and Julie Ann Hart, "Enterprise Zones and Economic Development in Colorado," May 1998.
98-15 Alm, James and Leslie A. Whittington, "For Love or Money? The Impact of Income Taxes on Marriage," April 1998.
98-14 Alm, James and Sally Wallace, "Taxpayer Responses to the Tax Reform Act of 1986," April 1998.
98-13 Skidmore, Mark and James Alm, "Why Do Tax and Expenditure Limitations Pass in State Elections?" March 1998.
98-12 Alm, James, "Tax Compliance and Administration," March 1998.
98-11 Beauchemin, Kenneth R. and Betty Daniel, "The Current Account and the International Distribution of Wealth Under Uncertainty," August 1998.
98-10 Robles, Jack, "Paternal Altruism or Smart Parent Altruism?" July 1998.
98-09 Carlos, Ann M. and Frank D. Lewis, "Property Rights, Competition and Depletion in the Eighteenth-Century Canadian Fur Trade: The Role of the European Market," June 1998.
98-08 Alberini, Anna and John Bartholomew, "The Determinants of Hazardous Waste Disposal Choice: An Empirical Analysis of Halogenated Solvent Waste Shipments," June 1998.
98-07 Yang, Guifang and Keith E. Maskus, "Intellectual Property Rights, Licensing, and Economic Growth in a Small Technology-Importing Country," May 1998.
98-06 Hsiao, Frank S. T. and Mei-chu W. Hsiao, "International Comparisons of Taiwanese Economic Growth -- Long-run Trends and Postwar Initial Conditions," May 1998.
98-05 Bohringer, Christoph, Glenn W. Harrison, and Thomas F. Rutherford, "Sharing the Burden of Carbon Abatement in the European Union," May 1998.
98-04 Smith, Ron and Bernard Udis, "New Challenges to Arms Export Control: Whither Wassenaar?" April 1998.
98-03 Flores, Nicholas E., "Environmental Values and National Economic Accounts: A Theoretical Inquiry" March 1998.
98-02 de Bartolomé, Charles A.M. and Stuart S. Rosenthal, "Property Tax Capitalization in a Model with Tax Deferred Assets, Standard Deductions and the Taxation of Nominal Interest" June 1997.
98-01 Chen, Yongmin, "Strategic Bidding by Potential Competitors: Will Monopoly Persist?" January 1998. Published in the Journal of Industrial Economics, Vol. 48, No. 2, pp. 161-175, June 2000.