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Discussion Papers in Economics: 1997

97-27 Lau, Morten I., Andreas Pahlke, and Thomas F. Rutherford, "Modeling Economic Adjustment: A Primer in Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis," October 1997.
97-26 Alberini, Anna and David H. Austin, "Strict Liability as a Deterrent in Toxic Waste Management: Empirical Evidence from Accident and Spill Data," November 1997.
97-25 Chen, Yongmin and Ron Smith, "Equilibrium Cost Overruns," October 1997. Published in Annals of Economics and Finance, Vol. 2, pp. 401-414, 2001.
97-24 Grewe, Christopher D., "A Restricted Model of Food Consumption and Household Composition in Indonesia," October 1997.
97-23 Ross, Martin T., "Agglomeration Externalities in an Endogenous-Growth Model," October 1997.
97-22 Blyde, Juan S., "Trade Policy and The Size of The Government," October 1997.
97-21 Carson, Richard, Nicholas E. Flores and W. Michael Hanemann, "Sequencing and Valuing Public Goods," October 1997.

Ahrens, W. Ashley, "Scarcity and Trends in Resource Commodity Prices: A Time Series Analysis," October 1997

97-19 Lynch, Jim and Jeffrey Zax, "The Rewards to Running: Prize Structure and Performance in Professional Road Racing," October 1997.
97-18 Babiker, Mustafa, "The CO2-Abatement Game: Costs, Incentives, and the Stability of a Sub-Global Coalition," October 1997.
97-17 Greene, Pamela A., "Assessing the Gain from the IRS's Nonrandom Corporate Audit Policy. A Model for Aggregate Data that Estimates Noncompliance Among Unaudited Firms," October 1997.
97-16 Key, Jennifer, "Quits and Layoffs in an Efficient Turnover Model with Job-Matching and Stochastic Values of Nonmarket Work," October 1997.
97-15 Yang, Guifang (Lynn), "IPRs, Technology Transfer under Asymmetric Information, and Innovation," October 1997.
97-14 Yang, Guifang and Keith E. Maskus, "Intellectural Property Rights, Licensing, and Economic Growth," October 1997.
97-13 Flores, Nicholas E., "Non-Paternalistic Altruism and Welfare Economics," October 1997.
97-12 Alberini, Anna and David H. Austin, "On and Off the Liability Bandwagon: Explaining State Adoptions of Strict Liability in Hazardous Waste Programs," October 1997.
97-11 Harrison, Glenn W. and Thomas F. Rutherford, "Burden Sharing, Joint Implementation, and Carbon Coalitions," September 1997.
97-10 Jensen, Jesper and Thomas F. Rutherford, "The Economic Effects of Electricity Market Reform in Denmark," August 1997.
97-09 Robles, Jack, "Evolution in Finitely Repeated Games of Common Interest," August 1997.
97-08 Chen, Yongmin, "Vertical Restraint on Price Negotiations," July 1997. Revised in 1999 with the new title "Oligopoly Price Discrimination and Resale Price Maintenance" (Working Paper 99-06).
97-07 Babiker, Mustafa H., Keith E. Maskus and Thomas F. Rutherford, "Carbon Taxes and the Global Trading System," June 1997.
97-06 Rutherford, Thomas F. and David G. Tarr, "Trade Liberalization and Endogenous Growth in a Small Open Economy: A Quantitative Assessment," April 1997, revised May 1998.
97-05 Metge, Colleen and Anna Alberini, "Determinants of Willingness to Pay for Community-Based Pharmacist Services," April 1997.
97-04 Maskus, Keith E. and Allan Webster, "British and American Labor Specialization and the Bilateral HOV Theorem," March 1997.
97-03 Rutherford, Thomas F., W. David Montgomery and Paul M. Bernstein, "CETM: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Model of Global Energy Markets, Carbon Dioxide Emissions and International Trade," February 1997.
97-02 Rutherford, Thomas F. and Mustafa Babiker, "Input-Output and General Equilibrium Estimates of Embodied Carbon: A Dataset and Static Framework for Assessment," February 1997.
97-01 Davies, Paul S. and Michael J. Greenwood, "The Participation of Mexican-Born Households in Means-Tested U.S. Welfare Programs," January 1997.