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Discussion Papers in Economics: 1996

96-33 Carmichael, Jeffrey J., Kenneth M. Strzepek and Boris Minarik, "Impacts of Climate Change and Seasonal Variability on Economic Treatment Costs: A Case Study of the Nitra River Basin, Slovakia," June 1996.
96-32 Bohringer, Christoph and Thomas F. Rutherford, "The Efficiency Costs of Voluntary Agreements in Environmental Policy: An Analytical Framework," October 1996.
96-31 Alberini, Anna, Winston Harrington, and Virginia McConnell, "Fleet Turnover and Old Car Scrap Policies," October 1996.
96-30 Alberini, Anna and Alan Krupnick, "Air Quality and Episodes of Acute Respiratory Illness in Taiwan: Evidence from Survey Data," October 1996.
96-29 Carson, Katherine S., "Field Application of Incentive Compatible Mechanisms: A Pilot Experiment," October 1996.
96-28 Carson, Katherine S., "A Comparison of Multinomial and Rank-Ordered Logit Models of Voter Preferences," April 1996.
96-27 Li, Haizheng Clifford, "A Semi-Parametric Estimation of Labor Supply and Tests on the Assumptions," November 1996.
96-26 Morrow, Donald.
96-25 Zhang, Kevin H., "Human Capital, National Income, and North-South Manufacturing Multinationals," October 1996.
96-24 Zahniser, Steven S., "Mexican Migration to the United States: A Two-Way Process," October 1996.
96-23 Rossmann, Charles G., "Efficiency Devices: Theory and Policy Analysis," October 1996.
96-22 Ross, Martin T., "Dynamic Investment and Agglomeration Economies: A Time Series Analysis of U.S. Capital Expenditures in Canada," August 1996.
96-21 Morrow, Donald, "Customs Union Formation: A Public Choice Approach," November 1996.
96-20 Li, Haizheng Clifford, "Symmetrically Censored GMM Estimation for Tobit Models with Dependent and Heterogeneous Observation," October 1996.
96-19 Kazarian, Levon, "A Consistent Bootstrapped GMM Estimator for the Linear Model with Arbitrary Inequality Constraints on Parameters," October 1996.
96-18 Holman, Jill Ann, "Real Disturbances and Preferred Monetary Policy Responses," August 1996.
96-17 Greene, Pamela A., "Assessing the Gain from the IRS's Nonrandom Corporate Audit Policy. A Model for Aggregate Data that Estimates Noncompliance Among Unaudited Firms," October 1996.
96-16 Davies, Paul S., "An Econometric Analysis of Welfare and Social Insurance Participation by Elderly Immigrants to the United States," October 1996.
96-15 Carr, David L., "European Industrialization and The Wealth of Nations: Was Adam Smith Right?" October 1996.
96-14 Carr, David L., "Income-Dependent Consumption, International Trade and Income Elasticity: Empirical Evidence," October 1996.
96-13 Barreto, Raul A., "Endogenous Corruption in a Neoclassical Growth Model," September 1996.
96-12 Li, Haizheng Clifford, "Ownership Efficiency and the Dilemma of China's State-Owned Enterprises," September 1996.
96-11 Beauchemin, Kenneth R., "Intergenerational Politics, Fiscal Policy and Productivity," September 1996.
96-10 Maskus, Keith E. and Jill A. Holman, "The Economics of Child Labor Standards," September 1996.
96-09 Robles, Jack, "Evolution and Lock In with Nonstationary Transition Probabilities," August 1996.
96-08 Holman, J.A., "Real Shocks and Desired Monetary Responses," August 1996.
96-07 Flores, Nicholas E. and Richard T. Carson, "The Relationship Between the Income Elasticities of Demand and Willingness to Pay," July 1996.
96-06 de Bartolomé, Charles A.M., "What Determines State Aid to School Districts? A Positive Model of Foundation Aid as Redistribution," July 1996.
96-05 de Bartolomé, Charles A.M., "State Educational Aid As Positive Redistribution," April 1996.
96-04 Rutherford, Thomas F. and David G. Tarr, "Blueprints, Spillovers and the Dynamic Gains from Trade Liberalization in a Small Open Economy," March 1996.
96-03 de Bartolomé, Charles A.M., "Slow Adjustment and the Level of Local Government Spending," March 1996.
96-02 de Bartolomé, Charles A.M. and Stuart S. Rosenthal, "Property Tax Capitalization in a Model With Tax Deferred Assets and Standard Deductions," March 1996.
96-01 de Bartolomé, Charles A.M., "Integrating Tax Distortions and Externality Theory," March 1996.