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Discussion Papers in Economics: 1995

95-30 Rossmann, Kathleen Greer and Jeffrey Zax, "Fertility Behavior and the Absence of 'Missing Females' in Urban China," December 1995.
95-29 Lee, Byung-Joo and Agus Suprijanto, "The Effect of Exchange Rate Movements on a Country's Debt Servicing Ability (the case of Indonesia): GMM Estimation of ARCH Model," December 1995.
95-28 Lovett, John, "The American Congresses and the Genesis of U.S. Indian Policy, 1783-1802," December 1995.
95-27 Lee, Byung-Joo and Mary J. Lee, "Comparison of Travel Cost Method and Contingent Valuation Method Using Bootstrap Generalized Method of Moment Estimation - Recreational Fishing in Central and Northern California," November 1995.
95-26 Thorpe, Steven G., "Fuel Economy Standards, New Vehicle Sales, and Average Fuel Efficiency," October 1995.
95-25 Balistreri, Edward J., "The Performance of the Heckscher-Ohlin-Vanek Model in Predicting Endogenous Policy Forces at the Individual Level," August 1995.
95-24 Zhang, Kevin H., "A Model of International Trade with Vertical Multinationals," September 1995.
95-23 Van Stone, Jill
95-22 O'Connell, Joan M., "Determinants of Medical Spending by the Elderly: The Importance of Medicare Supplemental Insurance," October 1995.
95-21 Morrow, Donald L., "Ideology, Self-Interest, and the Customs Union Issue: Evidence From the 1787 Constitutional Convention," May 1995.
95-20 Lovett, John, "Splitting the Residual: An Investigation of Methods for Separating Legislator and Constituent "Ideology" in the U.S. Congress of Confederation, 1783-1788," October 1995.
95-19 Davies, Paul S., " A Model of Social Insurance and Welfare Program Participation," October 1995.
95-18 Barreto, Raul A., "Endogenous Corruption in a Simple Neoclassical Growth Model," October 1995.
95-17 Lee, Mary J., "Direct and Indirect Estimations of Non-Market Valuations Using Bootstrap GMM," September 1995.
95-16 Mahalingam, Brinda, "Application of Time Series to a Translog Cost Function," October 1995.
95-15 Rossmann, Charles G., "Equilibrium Welfare Consequences of Demand-Side Management of Residential Electricity Consumption," October 1995.
95-14 Zahniser, Steven, "The Influence of Migration Networks and Other Factors on the Duration of Migration Spells," October 1995.
95-13 Rutherford, Thomas F., E. Elisabet Rutstrom, and David Tarr, "Morocco's Free Trade Agreement with the EU: A Quantitative Assessment," August 1995.
95-12 Rutherford, Thomas F., "Carbon Dioxide Emission Restrictions in the Global Economy: Leakage, Competitiveness and the Implications for Policy Design," September 1995.
95-11 Feeney, JoAnne and Arye Hillman, "Asset Markets and Individual Trade-Policy Preferences," August 1995.
95-10 de Bartolomé, Charles A.M. and Stuart S. Rosenthal, "Opposites Attract: The Effect of the Federal Income Tax Code on Community Composition."
95-09 Bohringer, Christoph, Michael Ferris, and Thomas F. Rutherford, "A Multi-Sectoral Framework for the Analysis of Carbon Emission Restrictions and Bilateral Trade in the European Union: Model Formulation and a Sample Application," August 1995.
95-08 Maskus, Keith E., Thomas J. Rutherford, and Steven Selby, "Economic Implications of Changes in Labor Standards: A Computational Analysis for Mexico," August 1995
95-07 Ferris, Michael C., Alexander Meeraus, and Thomas F. Rutherford, "Computing Wardropian Equilibria in a Complementarity Framework," July 1995.
95-06 Perroni, Carlos and Thomas F. Rutherford, "A Comparison of the Performance of Flexible Functional Forms For Use in Applied General Equilibrium Analysis," July 1995.
95-05 Ferris, Michael C. and Jong Shi Pang, "Engineering and Economic Applications of Complementarity Problems," May 1995.
95-04 Flueck, David W. and Jeffrey S. Zax," Marriage, Divorce, Income and Military Marriage Incentives," May 1995.
95-03 de Bartolomé, Charles A.M. and Mark M. Spiegel, "Does State Economic Development Spending Increase Manufacturing Employment?"
95-02 Leonard, Jonathan S. and Jeffrey S. Zax, "The Stability of Jobs in the Public Sector," April 1995.
95-01 Coller, Maribeth, Glenn W. Harrison, Thomas F. Rutherford, "Efficient Equity: Removing Salary Discrimination by Meeting Statistical Legal Constraints at Least Cost," March 1995.