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Discussion Papers in Economics: 1993

93-25 de Bartolomé, Charles A.M. and Mark M. Spiegel, "Regional Competition for Domestic and Foreign Investment: Evidence from State Development Expenditures," October 1993.
93-24 Robles, Barbara J., "Financial Capital in Dynamic Factor Demand Models," July 1993.
93-23 Betancourt, R. and Barbara J. Robles, "Georgescu-Roegen's View of Production and the Neoclassical Paradigm: A Critical Test," June 1993.
93-22 Zax, Jeffrey S. and Mehmet M. Tutuncu, "ERISA, Pension Portfolio Diversification and the Welfare of Workers and Retirees," August 1993.
93-21 Zax, Jeffrey S., "Latent Demand for Urban Housing in the People's Republic of China," August 1993.
93-20 Rutherford, Thomas F., "MILES: A Mixed Inequality and Nonlinear Equation Solver," August 1993.
93-19 Bohara, Alok K. and William H. Kaempfer, "Tariff Behavior in Five European Countries: Further Evidence," July 1993.
93-18 Feeney, JoAnne, "Exchange-Rate Behavior with Responsive Central Banking," July 1993.
93-17 Feeney, JoAnne, "International Financial Markets and Learning-by-Doing in a Small Economy," May 1993.
93-16 Feeney, JoAnne, "Goods and Asset Market Interdependence in a Risky World," May 1993.
93-15 Robles, Barbara J., "The Optimal Demand for Money in U.S. Manufacturing: A Dynamic Micro Theoretic Approach," June 1993.
93-14 Hurd, Brian H. and Thomas F. Rutherford, "Load Shifting and Carbon Emissions in the U.S. Electric Industry," July 1993.
93-13 Kaempfer, William H. and Stephen V. Marks, "The Expected Effects of Trade Liberalization: Evidence from U.S. Congressional Action on Fast-Track Authority," May 1993.
93-12 Maskus, Keith E. and Mohan Penubarti, "How Trade-Related Are Intellectual Property Rights?" May 1993.
93-11 Maskus, Keith E. and Jamel E. Zarrouk, "Unanticipated Changes in Real Exchange Rates and Their Effects on Trade: New Evidence from Detailed Industries," March 1993.
93-10 Lee, B.J., "A Nonparametric Test of Derivative Restrictions Robust to Functional Misspecification," May 1993.
93-09 Waldman, Donald M. and Michael T. Ozog, "Natural and Incentive-Induced Conservation in Voluntary Energy Management Programs," March 1993.
93-08 Florencio-Lopez-de-Silanes, James R. Markusen and Thomas F. Rutherford, "The Auto Industry and the North American Free-Trade Agreement," February 1993.
93-07 Goodman, D. Jay and William Kaempfer, "Free Trade Area Formation with Quota Protection," March 1993.
93-06 Lee, B.J. and Doo Yong Yang, "Real Exchange Rates and the Terms of Trade: The Korean Capital Market Liberalization," February 1993.
93-05 Hsiao, Mei-Chu and Frank S.T. Hsiao, "A Simple Derivation and Spreadsheet Implementation of the Gauss-Doolittle Method in Regression," January 1993.
93-04 Hsiao, Frank S.T. and Mei-Chu W. Hsiao "Gains from Strategic International Policy Coordination in Small Open Economies," January 1993.
93-03 Udis, Bernard, "Adjustments to Reduced Domestic Defense Spending in Western Europe: Scale, Scope and Government," December 1992.
93-02 Zax, Jeffrey S. and Mark Skidmore, "Property Tax Rate Changes and Rates of Development," February 1993.
93-01 Carlos, Ann M. and Jill L. Van Stone, "Stock Transfer Patterns in the Hudson's Bay Company: Not a Family Concern, 1670-1730," January 1993.