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Discussion Papers in Economics: 1991

91-10 Baghestani, H. and R. McNown, "Cointegration between Revenues and Expenditures: Least Squares and Maximum Likelihood Estimates," November 1991.
91-09 Morey, E.R., "Estimated Demand Systems Do Not `Know' Whether They Result from a Minimization Problem or a Maximization Problem: The Implications for Regularity Conditions," June 1991.
91-08 Zax, J.S. and J.F. Kain, "Moving to the Suburbs: Do Relocating Companies Leave Their Black Employees Behind?" June 1991.
91-07 Morey, E.R., R.D. Rowe, and M. Watson, "An Extended Discrete-Choice Model of Atlantic Salmon Fishing: With Theoretical and Empirical Comparisons to Standard Travel-Cost Models," June 1991.
91-06 Morey, E.R., "What are Per-Tripi Consumer's Surplus Measures? And What, If Anything, Do They Tell Us About Consumer's Surplus? May 1991.
91-05 Feeney, J. and R.W. Jones, "Risk Aversion and International Markets: Does Asset Trade Smooth Real Income?" April 1991.
91-04 Carlos, A.M., "Agent Opportunism and the Role of the Environment: Evidence from the Royal African Company, 1672-1691," February 1991.
91-03 Zax, J.S., "When is a Move a Migration?" March 1991.
91-02 Zax, J.S. and M.M. Tutuncu, "Optimal Worker Portfolios: Pensions, ESOPs and Anti-ESOPs," March 1991.
91-01 Carlos, A.M. and F. Lewis, "The Profitability of Early Canadian Railroads: Evidence from the Grand Trunk and Great Western Railroad Companies," December 1990.