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Discussion Papers in Economics: 1990

90-10 Kaempfer, W.H., A.D. Lowenberg, N. Mocan, and L. Bennett, "The Impact of Foreign Economic Pressure on Domestic Politics: The Case of South Africa," September 1990.
90-09 Markusen, J.R., E.R. Morey, and N. Olewiler, "Environmental Policy When Market Structure and Plant Locations are Endogenous," November 1990.
90-08 Elliott, S.R. and M. McKee, "Risk Perceptions and Risk Taking in the Presence of Multiple Risks," May 1990.
90-07 Brown Kruse, J.L., M.B. Cronshaw, and D.J. Schenk, "Theory and Experiments on Spatial Competition," March 1990.
90-06 Gertler, P.J. and D.M. Waldman, "Quality Adjusted Cost Functions," March 1990.
90-05 Elliott, S.R., J.L. Brown Kruse, and Shaul Ben-David, "Optimal Rationing: A Comparison of Priority Service and Proportional Curtailment."
90-04 Brown Kruse, J.L. and S.R. Elliott, "Strategic Manipulation of Pollution Permit Markets: An Experimental Approach," February 1990.
90-03 Cronshaw, M.B. and D.G. Luenberger, "Subgame Perfect Equilibria in Infinitely Repeated Games with Perfect Monitoring and Discounting," January 1990.
90-02 Alm, J., M. McKee, and W. Beck, "Amazing Grace: Tax Amnesties and Compliance," February 1990.
90-01 Alm, J., G.H. McClelland, and W.D. Schulze, "Why Do People Pay Taxes?" January 1990.