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Discussion Papers in Economics: 1989

89-08 Alm, J., B. Jackson, and M. McKee, "Institutional Uncertainty and Taxpayer Compliance," December 1989.
89-07 Pezzey, J., "Sustainability, Intergenerational Equity, and Environmental Policy."
89-06 Graves, P.E. and D.M. Waldman, "Multi-Market Amenity Capitalization and the Behavior of the Elderly," October 1989.
89-05 Morey, E.R., W.D. Shaw, and R.D. Rowe, "Repeated Discrete Choice, Expected Consumer's Surplus and Option Price: Valuing Site-Specific Recreational Activities," October 1989.
89-04 Hanemann, M. and E.R. Morey, "Separability, Partial Demand Systems and Consumer's Surplus Measures," July 1989.
89-03 Brown Kruse, J.L., "Second Sourcing and Split-Award Contracts in Government Procurement," May 1989.
89-02 Morey, E.R., D. Waldman, D. Assane, and D. Shaw, "Specification and Estimation of a Generalized Corner Solution Model of Consumer Demand: An Amemiya-Tobin Approach," August 1989.
89-01 Yordon, W.J., "Why We Don't Have Microfoundations: The Success of Stigler's Price Theory," September 1989.