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Discussion Papers in Economics: 2001

01-19 Flores, Nicholas and Philip E. Graves, "The Valuation of Public Goods: Why Do We Work?," December 2001. (Revision of Working Paper No. 01-06.)
01-18 Robles, Jack, "Demand Growth and Strategically Useful Idle Capacity", June 2001. (Revision of Working Paper No. 00-14.)
01-17 Ridao-Cano, Cristobal, "Evaluating the Impact of Working While in School on School Progress: The Case of Rural Bangladesh," August 2001.
01-16 Ridao-Cano, Cristobal, "Child Labor and Schooling in a Low Income Rural Economy," March 2001.
01-15 Gayle, Philip G., "Market Structure and Product Innovation," October 2001.
01-14 Gayle, Philip G., "Market Concentration and Innovation: New Empirical Evidence on the Schumpeterian Hypothesis," October 2001.
01-13 Videras, Julio, "Voluntary Environmental Initiatives as Collusive Institutions," October 2001.
01-12 Ridao-Cano, Cristobal, and Robert McNown, "The Effect of Tax-Benefit Policies on Fertility and Female Labor Force Participation in the United States," October 2001.
01-11 Robles, Jack, "The Evolution of Contracts and Property Rights," October 2001.
01-10 Carlos, Ann M., and Frank D. Lewis, "Agents of Their Own Desires: Indian Consumers and the Hudson's Bay Company 1700-1770," September 2001.
01-09 de Bartolome, Charles A.M., and Stephen L. Ross, "Comparison of Urban Equilibria: The Conflict Between Efficiency and Equity in the Choice of the Central City's Majority," September 2001.
01-08 Iyigun, Murat F., "Geography, Demography, and Early Development," September 2001.
01-07 Zax, Jeffrey S., and Daniel I. Rees, "IQ, Academic Performance, Environment and Earnings," May 2001.
01-06 Flores, Nicholas and Philip E. Graves, "The Valuation of Public Goods: Why Do We Work?," May 2001.
01-05 Chivers, James, and Nicholas Flores, "Market Failure in Information: The National Flood Insurance Program," May 2001.
01-04 Boileau, Martin, and Michel Normandin, "Labor Hoarding, Superior Information, and Business Cycle Dynamics," March 2001.
01-03 Evans, Mary, and Nicholas Flores, "Relative Economic Efficiency and the Provision of Rationed Goods," March 2001.
01-02 Iyigun, Murat, H. Naci Mocan and Ann L. Owen, "Ideology, Human Capital, and Growth: A Positive Theory of Religion and Scientific Knowledge," March 2001.
01-01 Mahmood, Hussain, "Child Labor and International Trade: A Computational Analysis for the Apparel Sector in Asia," January 2001.