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Discussion Papers in Economics: 2010

10-15 Francisca M. Antman, "International Migration, Spousal Control, and Gender Discrimination in the Allocation of Household
," December 2010
10-14 Ha Nguyen, "The Effects of Trade Liberalization on the Extensive and Intensive Margins of Trade in Developing Countries," November 2010
10-13 Hang T. Nguyen, "Trade Liberalization, Privatization and Economic Growth," November 2010
10-12 Youngho Kang, "Trade and Wage Distribution Dynamics: When Does Trade Cause the Selection Effect?" November 2010
10-11 Watcharapong Ratisukpimol, "Understanding the Root Causes of Modern Maritime Piracy" November 2010
10-10 Ha Nguyen, "The Distribution of Firms and Countries’ Size with Heterogeneous Firms" First submitted November 9, 2010, Revised November 24, 2010 as The distribution of firms and countries’ size withheterogeneous firms, Revised April 14, 2011
10-09 Craig Kerr, "The Effect of Amenities on Local Wage Distribution" November 2010
10-08 Neil Metz , "Untangling the Value of Open Space: Adjacent vs. Neighborhood Area," November 2010
10-07 Ben Li , "Cross-Border Production, Technology Transfer, and the Choice of Partner," November 2010
10-06 Erin K. Fletcher, "Match Quality and Maternal Investments in Children," October 2010
10-05 Lauren Calimeris, "Choosing Where to Teach: The Effect of Teacher Quality on the Charter Versus Public School Decision,"
revised December 1, 2010; October 2010
10-04 Justin Bucciferro, "The Economic Geography of Race in the New World: Brazil, 1500-2000," October 2010
10-03 Karen Maguire, "Drill Baby Drill? Political and Market Influences on Federal Onshore Oil and Gas Leasing in the Western United States," October 2010
10-02 Ying Li, "Does Prospective Migration Increase Marital Instability? Evidence from Census 1980-2000 and NLSY79,"
Revised January 2011
10-01 Shatanjaya Dasgupta, "Is Sex-Selective Abortion Associated With a Reduction in Gender Differentials in Child Health Investments? Evidence from India," Revised October 2010 and May 2011; September 2010 originally submitted as "Sex-Selective Abortion in India".