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Discussion Papers in Economics: 2009

09-15 Megan Lawson, "Valuing public goods with changing implicit prices," December 2009
09-14 Megan Lawson, "Modeling spillovers from development and conservation: A story of competing land uses," December 2009
09-13 Nikolay Dobrinov, "Search, Heterogeneity, and Optimal Income Taxation," November 2009
09-12 J. Dean Craig and Samuel Raisanen, "The Impact of Analyzing Economic Events on the Learning of Undergraduate Economic Theory," November 2009
09-11 Samuel Raisanen, "Advanced-Purchase Premiums versus Discounts in the Presence of Capacity Constraints" November 2009
09-10 Samuel Raisanen , "Intertemporal Price Discrimination: Preference Knowledge and Capacity Choice," November 2009
09-09 Daniel C. Hickman, "The Effects of Higher Education Policy on the Location Decision of Individuals: Evidence from Florida’s Bright Futures Scholarship Program" November 2009
09-08 Tianle Zhang , "Price-Directed Consumer Search" November 2009
09-07 Tianle Zhang, "Patenting in the Shadow of Independent Discoveries by Rivals" November 2009; updated March 2010
09-06 J. Dean Craig and Scott J. Savage, "Market Restructuring, Competition and the Efficiency of Electricity Generation:
Plant-level Evidence from the United States 1996 to 2006
," November 2009
09-05 Daniel C. Hickman and William W. Olney , "Globalization and Investment in Human Capital" revised November 2009; August 2009
09-04 Charles de Bartolome, "A Comprehensive Experiment for an Introductory Course in Microeconomics" April 2009
09-03 William W. Olney, "Offshoring, Immigration, and the Native Wage Distribution," revised November and August 2009; March 2009
09-02 William W. Olney, "Do Firms Respond to Immigration" revised November and August 2009; originally submitted as "Does Immigration Substitute for Offshoring?," March 2009
09-01 David Pinto, "The Effects of Internal and External Conflict on Democratization Incentives," March 2009