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Discussion Papers in Economics: 2008

08-14 David Pinto "The Effects of Political Competition on the Feasibility of Economic Reform" November 2008; updated March 2009
08-13 Molly Lipsomb "The Effect of Environmental Enforcement on Product Choice and Competition: Theory and evidence from India" November 2008
08-12 Nikolay Dobrinov "The Effect of Proposition 13 on Mobility: A Hazard Rate Approach" November 2008; updated November 2009
08-11 Mariya Burdina "'Wave riding' or 'Owning the issue': How do candidates determine campaign agendas?" October 2008; updated November 2009
08-10 Henry Chen, "Trade, Industrial Structure, and Brand" October 2008
08-09 Henry Chen, "The Impact of Foreign Production Activities: Firm-Level Evidence from Taiwan’s Multinationals" October 2008
08-08 Henry Chen, "Welfare Effect of Exporting the High-tech Intermediate Products for a Newly Industrialized Country" October 2008
08-07 Scott Holladay, "Are Exporters Mother Nature's Best Friends?" October 2008
08-06 Scott Holladay, "Pollution from Consumption and the Trade and Environment Debate" October 2008
08-05 Andrew Meyer, "Estimating Discount Factors within a Random Utility Theoretic Framework" October 2008
08-04 Grzegorz Pac, "Multinationals and the Shutdown of State-Owned Enterprises" October 2008
08-03 Francisca Antman,"The Intergenerational Effects of Paternal Migration on Schooling and Work: What Can We Learn from Children’s Time Allocations?" July 2007; updated February 2010; updated December 2010
08-02 Francisca Antman,"Gender, Educational Attainment, and the Impact of Parental Migration on Children Left Behind" June 2007; updated June 2008, February 2010
08-01 Francisca Antman,"Who Cares for the Elderly? Intrafamily Resource Allocation and Migration in Mexico" July 2007; updated June 2008, August 2010