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Discussion Papers in Economics: 2006

06-09 Nam T. Hoang, "New Tests for Cointegration in Heterogeneous Panels," November 2006
06-08 Keith E Maskus and Shuichiro Nishioka, "Development-Related Biases in Factor Productivities and the HOV Model of Trade," October 2006
06-07 Aric Shafran, "Risk Externalities and the Problem of Wildfire Risk," October 2006
06-06 David C. Kingsley, "Preference Uncertainty, Preference Refinement and Paired Comparison Choice
," October 2006
06-05 Vahram Ghushchyan, "Econometric Methods for Estimating Health Utility and a Catalogue of Preference-Based Scores for Chronic Diseases," July 2006.
06-04 Anna Rubinchik-Pessach and Roberto M. Samaniego, "Demand for Contract Enforcement and Gains from Trade," December 2005.
06-03 Jennifer Lamping, "Matching in Auctions with an Uninformed Seller," May 2006.
06-02 Tania Barham, "Providing a Healthier Start to Life: The Impact of Conditional Cash Transfers on Infant Mortality," January 2006.
06-01 Tania Barham, Paul Gertler and Kristiana Raube, "Making Babies Healthier by Providing a Managed Care Option to California's Poor," January 2006.