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Discussion Papers in Economics: 2005

05-12 Anna Rubinchik-Pessach and Ruqu Wang, "Does It Take a Tyrant to Carry Out a Good Reform?," December 2005.
05-11 Kremena Platikanova, "Patent Protection of Basic Research in Cumulative Innovation," November 2005.
05-10 Lei Yang, "Intellectual Property Rights, Factor Proportions and the Pattern of Trade in Developing Countries," October 2005, revised: October 2006.
05-09 Katherine Sauer, "A Model of Parallel Imports of Pharmaceuticals with Endogenous Price Controls," November 2005.
05-08 Xiaofei Vivian Yang, "IPRs and Tariff Policies: East-West Joint Ventures," November 2005.
05-07 Joshua Sidon, "Environmental Injustice and Residential Segregation: Investigating the Link," October 2005.
05-06 Shuichiro Nishioka, "An Explanation of OECD Trade with Knowledge Capital and the HOV Model," October 2005,
revised: October 2006
05-05 Charles A. M. de Bartolome, "Companion Paper to "Tax Competition and the Creation of Redundant Products": Proof of Proposition 2," July 2005.
05-04 Charles A. M. de Bartolome and Stephen L. Ross, "Community Income Distributions in a Metropolitan Area," July 2005.
05-03 Charles A. M. de Bartolome, "Tax Competition and the Creation of Redundant Products," July 2005.
05-02 Martin Boileau and Michel Normandin, "Closing International Real Business Cycle Models with Restricted Financial Markets," March 2005.
05-01 Brad Graham and Jack Robles, "Attorney Fees in Repeated Relationships," January 2005.