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Discussion Papers in Economics: 2004

04-18 Jeffrey S. Zax, "Fifty Years of Goodman's Identity: Its Implications for Regression-Based Inference," December 2004.
04-17 Rebecca Wilder Brown, "Status and the Current Account in Canada," October 2004.
04-16 Yuan (Leda) Zhuang, "International Outsourcing Through Foreign Direct Investment and Intellectual Property Protection," September 2004.
04-15 Devon Lynch and Jeffrey Zax, "An Evaluation of Colorado's Enterprise Zone Program: Measuring the Impact on Establishment-Level Employment and Earnings per Worker," October 2004.
04-13 Stephanie M. Martin, "Public School Teacher Salaries; Compensating Wage Differentials for Student Racial Characteristics," October 2004.
04-12 Maggie Xiaoyang Chen and Aaditya Mattoo, "Regionalism in Standards: Good or Bad for Trade?," October 2004.
04-11 Martin Boileau and Michel Normandin, "The Current Account and the Interest Differential in Canada," October 2004.
04-10 G. Chellaraj, K. E. Maskus and A. Mattoo, "The Contribution of Skilled Immigration and International Graduate Students to U.S. Innovation," September 2004.
04-09 Maggie Xiaoyang Chen and Murat Iyigun, "Strategic R&D Delays Generate Market Power," September 2004.
04-08 Murat Iyigun, "A Collective Household Model with Choice-Dependent Sharing Rules," August 2004.
04-07 Martin Boileau and Rebecca W. Brown, "The Spirit of Capitalism, Asset Returns, and the Business Cycle," May 2004.
04-06 Frank S.T. Hsiao and Mei-chu W. Hsiao, "The Chaotic Attractor of Foreign Direct Investment - Why China? A Panel Data Analysis," May 2004.
04-05 Iyigun, Murat and Dani Rodrik, "On the Efficacy of Reforms: Policy Tinkering, Institutional Change, and Entrepreneurship," March 2004.
04-04 Chen, Yongmin, "Marketing Innovation," February 2004.
04-03 Walsh, Randall P. "Endogenous Open Space Amenities in a Locational Equilibrium," February 2004.
04-02 Flores, Nicholas E. and Aaron Strong, "Stated Preference Analysis of Public Goods: Are we asking the right question?" January 2004.
04-01 Iyigun, Murat F. and Randall P. Walsh, "Building a Family Nest: A Collective Household Model with Competing Pre-marital Investments and Spousal Matching," January 2004.