Department of Economics
2003-04 Seminar Series

August 28, 2003
Giovanni Peri, University of California at Davis
"Knowledge Flows, R&D Spillovers and Innovation"

September 5, 2003
Terra McKinnish, University of Colorado at Boulder
"Sexually-Intergrated Workplaces and Divorce: Another Form of On-the-Job Search"

September 12, 2003
Eckhard Janeba, University of Colorado at Boulder
"International Trade and Cultural Identity"

September 19, 2003
Yongmin Chen, University of Colorado at Boulder
"Marketing Innovation"

September 26, 2003
James Dana, Northwestern University
"Buyer Groups as a Strategic Commitment"

October 10, 2003
Mattias Ganslandt, The Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Stockholm
"Bottled Water - a Case of Pointless Trade?"

October 17, 2003
John Cuddington, Georgetown University
"Assessing the Integration of U.S. Natural Gas Spot Markets: Evidence from Daily Price Data"

October 23, 2003
Priya Ranjan, University of California at Irvine
"Corruption, Environmental Resources, and International Trade"

October 24, 2003
Nezih Guner, Pennsylvannia State University
"Marital Instability and the Distribution of Wealth"

October 30, 2003
Martin Boileau, University of Colorado at Boulder
"Dynamics of the Current Account and Interest Differentials"

November 7, 2003
Patrick Bajari, Duke University
"Demand Estimation With Heterogeneous Consumers and Unobserved Product Characteristics: A Hedonic Approach"

November 14, 2003
Peter Norman, University of Wisconsin at Madison
"An Efficiency Rationale for Bundling of Public Goods"

November 21, 2003
Johannes Moenius, Northwestern University
"Law and the Trade of Less-Developed Economies"

December 4, 2003
Neil Wallace, Pennsylvania State University
"Float on a Note"

December 5, 2003
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, University of Houston
"Why Doesn't Capital Flow from Rich to Poor Countries? An Empirical Investigation"

December 10, 2003
Aloysius Siow, University of Toronto
"Who Marries Whom and Why"

January 23, 2004
Margaret Ledyard, University of Minnesota
"Smaller Schools or Longer Bus Rides? Returns to Scale and School Choice"

January 26, 2004
Unjy Song, University of Wisconsin
"Nonparametric Estimation of an eBay Auction Model with an Unknown Number of Bidders"

January 28, 2004
Celeste Saravia, University of California at Berkeley
"Speculative Trading and Market Performance: The Effect of Arbitrageurs on Efficiency and Market Power in the New York Electricity Market"

February 2, 2004
Federico Ciliberto, North Carolina State University
"Market Structure and Multiple Equilibria in Airline Markets"

February 05, 2004
Ricard Gil, University of Chicago
"Decision Rights Allocation in the Movie Industry: Understanding Vertical Integration"

February 13, 2004
Murat Iyigun, University of Colorado at Boulder
"On the Efficacy of Reforms: Policy Tinkering, Institutional Change, and Entrepreneurship"

February 20, 2004
Anna Rubinchik-Pessach, University of Colorado at Boulder
"Composition of Public Spending and the Architecture of the Cabinet"

February 27, 2004
Daniel McMillen, University of Illinois at Chicago
"Airport Expansions and Property Values: The Case of Chicago O'Hare Airport"

March 5, 2004
Mushfiq Mobarak, University of Colorado at Boulder
"The Political Economy of Health Services Provision and Access in Brazil"

March 12, 2004
Steven Stern, University of Virginia
"Are Lemons Really Hot Potatoes?"

March 17, 2004
Peter Debaere, University of Texas at Austin
"Reversing the Perspective: Expansion Activities of Multinational Corporations From Middle-Income Countries"

March 25, 2004
Joshua Angrist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"The Effect of High School Matriculation Awards: Evidence from Randomized Trials"

March 29, 2004
Pierre-Andre Chiappori, University of Chicago
"Collective Labor Supply with Children"

April 2, 2004
Diego Valderrama, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
"The Impact of Financial Frictions on a Small Open Economy: When Current Account Borrowing Hits a Limit"

April 9, 2004
Maria Ferreyra, Carnegie Mellon University
"Estimating the Effects of Private School Vouchers in Multi-District Economies"

April 16, 2004
Lawrence Blume, Cornell University
"If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich? Belief Selection in Complete and Incomplete Markets"

April 23, 2004
Pranab Bardhan, University of California at Berkeley
"Inequality and Collective Action"

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