Department of Economics
2003-2004 AWARDS
Stanford Calderwood Faculty Teaching Award Barry Poulson
Stanford Calderwood Student Teaching Award J. Ulyses Balderas
Graduate Award for Public Policy Research Xiaoyang Chen
Reuben A. Zubrow Fellowship in Economics Aric Shafran and Kiyoshi Yonemoto
James C. Campbell Graduate Fellowship Bradley Graham and Xiaofei Yang
Morris E. Garnsey Fellowship Woradee Jongadsayakul
Eric D. Bovet Endowed Fellowship Stephanie Martin
Leslie Whittington Memorial Prize
   for Excellence in Economics
Jason Pearcy
Leslie Whittington Endowed Fellowship in Economics Molly Lipscomb
Best Published Faculty Article in Public Policy
"Equilibrium with Local Governments and Commuting:
Income Sorting vs. Income Mixing," Journal of Urban Economics, July 2003.
Charles de Bartolomé
Val B. and Helen W. Fischer Scholarship
Political Science
Drew Soderborg
Amy Weiner
Laurel Harbridge
Leslie Townsend
Jacob Van Ek Scholars Award Adrian Clark
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