David Baskin (BA '73) is the president of Baskin Financial Services, Toronto. Baskin Financial is a boutique wealth management company with clients across Canada.

Peter Bonfante (BA '00) received his JD from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles in 2004. He will work for Coudert Bros LLP, Los Angeles after bar exam.

Dan Botti (BA '82) is currently employed as a principal at Peregrine Asset Advisors.

Charles Cartwright (BA '92) received his MBA at the University of Nevada Las Vegas in 2003. He is presently employed as Team Lead at America West Airlines in Las Vegas.

Scott Gassler (PhD '81) is a professor of economics at Vesalius College of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium. His book, Beyond Profit and Self-Interest: Economics with a Broader Scope, has just been published in the UK and US.

Tyler Hamilton (Economics major '94) won a gold medal in the Men's Individual Time Trial cycling event at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens. Deirdre Demet-Barry (who took undergraduate Economics classes as part of her International Affairs BA degree '03) won a silver medal in the Women's Individual Time Trial cycling event.

Charles Harry (BA '95; MA '00) is employed as a National Security Analyst with Science Applications International Corp (SAIC) doing economics relating to homeland security. He has supported Steve Malphrus from the Fed (Staff Director), Brian Tishuk from Treasury (Infrastructure protection), and Lew Podolske from the White House (Economic Consequence Management). He also has been working with Miles Light on several projects to estimate economic impacts resulting from WMD attacks in the US.

Jon Hokama (MA '96) is the senior competitive marketing manager for one of Hewlett Packard's server divisions (a position he has held since June 2000). Jon, his wife and two daughters live in Denver.

Albert Kaff (BA '42) has been writing for the monthly Overseas Press Club Bulletin (New York) since 1967.

Kagessato Kaky (BA '99) is living in Tokyo where he is a student in English-Japanese translation in the business field.

Rob Miller (BA '02) joined the Peace Corps after his graduation from CU and is now stationed in the Republic of Haiti. His assignment was teaching business skills, a two-year commitment at minimum. Now, he is a Peace Corps adviser and instructor to Haitians trying to start businesses. He also teaches accounting principles and basic business procedures.

Joan Friedland Nagel (BA '75; CU Law JD '78) has served as Deputy District Attorney at Boulder Country DA's Office since 1980. She is married to Bill Nagel (CU Law '80) and has two children.

Kathleen O'Brien (BA '81) is the recipient of an Editor's Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry for her poem titled PopUps "because it displays a unique perspective and original creativity." The poem is accepted for publication in hard bound book form in a volume titled Eternal Passages (Owings Mills, Maryland: The International Library of Poetry) and will be included in a reading of 33 poems on compact disc titled "The Sound of Poetry."

Philip Staehelin (BA '91) recently joined T-Mobile Czech Republic as Senior Manager for Strategic Projects. He currently focuses on driving a senior cross-functional "Expert Group" defining the evolution of the wireless network technology roadmap for the Czech Republic, and also on coordinating all "eActivities" of the company (both locally and within the broader T-Mobile International context).

Pervez Tahir (MA '82) was recently promoted from Joint Chief Economist to Chief Economist for the government of Pakistan in Islamabad.

Jeffrey Waters (BA '94) is a self-employed financial/interest rate commodity trader. He lives in Chicago and is the proud father of two boys.

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