X-ray Machine Users Quiz

This quiz is only for those who are planning to use X-ray Machines at the University of Colorado (Boulder, Denver, or Colorado Springs campuses). Please fill out this quiz completely and then submit the form to Health Physics to fulfill your training requirement. If you have any questions, send e-mail to HPL.

If you have difficulty submitting the quiz, you may print it out, complete it, and then return it to the Radiation Safety Office at 413 UCB or FAX it to (303) 492-1322 for grading.
NOTE that completion of this quiz is not the same as applying for a dosimeter. To be issued a dosimeter, complete the dosimeter application and submit it to the Radiation Safety Office.

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Please check the best answer for each question.

1. Who must be in attendance at all times when a machine is in operation?

2. How may one obtain a license to use a Radiation Producing machine on campus?

3. What responsibilities does a person with a Campus Radiation Machines License have?

4. What is the maximum annual dose a radiation worker may receive to their fingers from the use of an x-ray machine?

5. What actions must be taken if it is necessary that safety devices on the machine (such as bypassing interlocks or removing shielding) be altered?

6. A researcher has just had her machine repaired and performs a routine survey of the area with a Geiger counter to check for leakage. Her Geiger counter reads 1 mR/hr at 5 centimeters from the tube housing and 0.15 mR/hr at 5 centimeters from the generator cabinet. She records these numbers in her survey log book and takes no further action. Was this the correct action for her to take?

7. Some important safety concerns when dealing with x-ray machines involve:

8. If you are accidentally exposed to the beam while working with the machine, and it is in the evening hours, what number should you call?

9. How much dose is necessary to cause a slight reddening (erythema) of the skin?

10. Shielding for an x-ray machine may consist of:

11. The dosimeter should be worn:

12. A good way to keep your dose ALARA is to:

13. If you wish to purchase an x-ray machine or receive one as a gift, what steps must you take?

14. If a radiation worker becomes pregnant, the worker is encouraged to:

15. True or False: Dose rates in the primary beam can exceed 100,000 rads per minute.


If you have worked with radiation at any institution other than the University of Colorado (Boulder, Denver, or Colorado Springs campuses only) since beginning your work here, it is your responsibility to notify Health Physics so that your lifetime dose can be tracked. Please answer the questions below before submitting your quiz.

I have not worked with radiation at an institution other than CU since beginning at CU. (If you checked this box, thanks for your time -- please go ahead and submit your quiz).

I have worked at the following institution(s) other than CU since beginning here at CU. (separate information by commas).

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Thanks for your time!