The State of Colorado has entered into an agreement with the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (U. S. NRC) to govern the safe use of radioactive materials.  The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is responsible for implementing this agreement and for developing regulations which are at least as restrictive as those established by the U. S. NRC. 

The University of Colorado has a license from the State of Colorado, through CDPHE, to oversee the safe use of radioactive materials on the Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs campuses.  This license requires, in part, that the University have a Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) and a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO).  The RSC and RSO work together to ensure safety and regulatory compliance for individuals working with radioactive material or radiation; for the faculty, staff, and students of the University; and for members of the public. 

The Radiation Safety Committee essentially serves as the on-site regulatory agency for the University, and as such, has the authority to establish policies and procedures, provide enforcement sanctions, and restrict the use of radioactive materials and/or radiation.  The RSC and RSO issue, amend, and terminate laboratory licenses, which authorize the specific activities associated with radioactive materials and/or radiation.

The RSC is composed of members of the faculty and staff representing numerous departments and levels of experience with radioactive materials and radiation.  Each member is appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Administration and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research.  The Chair of the RSC is appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Administration.  Every effort is made to maintain representation from each Campus and each of the departments that actively uses radioactive materials in the course of their research and/or academic work.  Membership also includes a representative from Administration.    

The Radiation Safety Officer is an individual approved by the State of Colorado who has the knowledge, responsibility, and authority to apply appropriate radiation protection regulations. 

The Radiation Safety Officer and Health Physics staff are members of the University of Colorado’s Department of Public Safety, Environmental Health and Safety Division (EH&S).   These individuals provide daily management and support services for the safe use of radioactive materials and radiation.  EH&S Health Physics works closely with the RSC to ensure safety and regulatory compliance, while striving to provide customer-friendly services which facilitate continued successful research and academic activities at the University of Colorado.  Members of the RSC and the RSO may be contacted through EH&S Health Physics. 

We thank you for taking the time to read this Radiation Safety Handbook and hope that it proves to be helpful.  We encourage and appreciate your comments and feedback.


David O. Norris, Ph.D. 
Radiation Safety Committee Chair

Michelle S. Barry, M.S.
Radiation Safety Officer

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