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Appendix A - University of Colorado's ALARA Program
ballAppendix B - Sample License Form
Appendix C - Safe Use of Radioactive Materials
Appendix D - Sample Radiation Materials Inventory Form
Appendix E - Sample Radiation Safety Survey Log Form
Appendix F - Decontamination Procedures
Appendix G - Defrosting a Contaminated Freezer
Appendix H - Equipment Disposal/Resale Form
Appendix I - Container Contents Sheet
Appendix J - Radiation Waste Pick-Up Request Form
Appendix K - Sealed Sources Sign Out Log
Appendix L - Whole Body Dosimetry Application
Appendix M - Fetal Dosimeter Application
Appendix N - Solid Spill Decontamination Procedures
Appendix O - Liquid Spill Decontamination Procedures
ballAppendix P - Personnel Decontamination Procedures

Table of Contents