Goddess Sites in Pilgrimage System, India:
A Search towards Cosmology and Complexity

Ravi S. Singh
Head,Dept.Geography,Rang-Frah Govt.College
Changlang (Arunachal) 792120,INDIA

( ) With a quest to (re)integrate oneself with the cosmic wholeness through feminine spirit, in ancient India there developed 51 Goddess sites,Pithas, which are smbolized by the fallen objects or parts of the corpse-form goddess Sati. The archaeological and mythological evidences confirm the antiquity and cultural roots of mother worship since the ancient past. The spatial affinity,$ one of the pithas has a complex network and system of cosmology and archetypal system. Further, at regional level too this is portrayed and maintained by the process of spatial manifestation and hierophanic ordering. The case study of Rajrappa is an example of regional tradition possessing the Pan-Indian tradition.

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