The Multi-layers and Multi-Orderings of Goddesses in Kashi/ Varanasi, India:
Cosmology & Complexity in the Self-Organized Principle

Rana P. B. Singh
Dept.of Geography
John McKim Malville
Univ.of Colorado
Boulder,CO, USA
Ravi S. Singh
R. F College
Changlang, India

( ) Kashi/ Varanasi, the patron city of Lord Siva also possesses the different for manifestations. These are reflected in the context of multiplicity of layers, ordering, locations, hierophany, manifestations,and.....,so on. The fourth can source which eulogized the sites, forms and glories of the major 252 forms of the Goddess, categorized into Nine groups : (1) 8 Matrikas, motherly forms,(2) 9 Durgas,protecting the holy territory, (3) 9 Chandis, giver of energy, (4) 9 Gauris, giver of motherly blessing, (5) 10 Mahavidyas, giver of sacred knowledge, (6) 10 Mahadevis, directional protectors,(7) 42 Chandikas, giver of energy alongwith her associates,(8) 64 Yoginis, demi-goddesses, and (9) 91 Shaktis, giver of power. With the support of mythologies and the locational charactereistics the cosmology and complexity of feminine spirit are narrated in this paper.

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