Sacredscape, Cosmic Territory and Faithscape: Cosmology and
Complexity of Goddess Territory of Vindhyachal, India

Rana P.B. Singh
Dept.of Geography, Banaras Hindu Univ.,Varanasi,UP 221005, India

( ) The inherent power manifested at a place and the locational alignments result in the formation of cosmic geometry reflected in the landscape focii. The three forms of goddess (feminine spirit) -- Vindhyavasini, Kali and Astabhuja, and t$ three supporting forms of Siva (masculine spirit) -- Vankhandishvara, Muktesh- vara and Rameshvara, together make the spatial form of hexagram in which the navel base, axis mundi, corresponding with Anandamayi Ashram symbolizes the creation. On another level the Vindhyachal Mandala and its territory possesses the abbreviated form of all the 51 Shakti Pithas of Indian sub-continent.That is how this territory archetypally represents a "mesocosm". The complex system of cosmology, locational alignments and rituals together support the characte- ristics of the Self-organized criticality theory.

* Dr.Rana P.B. Singh
Dept.of Geography,B.H.U.
email: rana@banaras.ernet.in

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