Muktinath, Nepal:Spritual Magnetism & Complexity in Space


( ) Muktinath located at the central part of Nepal Himalaya is a holy site dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The sacred power of Muktinath is eulogized in ancient & puranic mythologies. The spritual magnetism of Muktinath is associated with Shalagram (a fosil stone, symbolizing Vishnu) miraculous cures, super-natural beings, sacred geography & difficulty of access. There the devotee experience the gods' blessing, purity & inner peace. Therefore manifestative power of the place attracted believers & kings to provide special protection & related programmes resulting to develop various monuments, gompas & pouwas, etc. & complexity, not only in the sacred site but also in the pilgrimage route leading to it. The settings, natural scenery & the staged development along the lengthy route to Muktinath "Muktikshetra"-salvation field makes the whole territory sacredscape. Each stop along the way in itself is, a link of greater or lesser importance between earth & heaven, man & god, the profane & the sacred site of Muktinath. Ultimately this converges to a theosphere, known as faithscape --a divinely manifested territory where human beings experience the message & inherent meaning of the power of mother earth. This paradox helps to develop complexity in space & to continue the mass of pilgrims & their cyclic movement. The study is based on participatory observation (at least six times) in the line of phenomenological approach.

Dr. P.C.Poudel

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