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Help for playing QuicktimeVR Movies of Anasazi Sites

Look aroundClick and dragClick and drag
Zoom in (panoramas)Press OptionPress Shift
Zoom out (panoramas)Press ControlPress Control
Jump to another location (panoramas)Move the pointer to a jump spot , and clickMove the pointer to a jump spot , and click
Save a panorama or object embedded in a web pagePress and hold the mouse button; from the popup choose SavePress the right mouse button, choose Save
Save a panorama or object displayed in a standalone windowFrom the File menu, choose SaveFrom the File menu, choose Save As...

You need to have certain tools to view QuickTime VR.

1. Netscape 3.0 is recommended although Explorer 3.0 is acceptable.

2. QuickTime 2.0 or later (2.1.2 recommended) for Windows or QuickTime 2.5 for Macintosh are required. If you need QuickTime, download it from here.

3. You also need a QuickTime VR plug-in or helper application depending on the browser you are using. Refer to the table below:

 There are two ways to surf QuickTime VR from a web browser.
   1. Older browsers require a helper application which displays the QuickTime VR is a seperate window.
   2. Newer browsers support plugins, which display embedded QuickTime VR inline.

Refer to the table below to acquire the appropriate player or plugin:

 Browser name & version  Display method  Where to find it
 Netscape 1.0 to 1.1N  Helper application  QTVR Player
 Netscape 2.0  MovieStar plug-in  MovieStar plug-in
 Netscape 3.0  QTVR component plug-in  QTVR Component
 Microsoft Internet Explorer 1.0-2.0  Helper application  QTVR Player
 Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0  ActiveMovie plug-in
  QTVR Component plug-in
 ActiveMovie plug-in
 QTVR Component

Table courtesy Ray Broussard, Maritime New Media.

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