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QuicktimeVR Movies of Anasazi Sites

Click on the images below to see QTVR panoramas of these sites or click on the QTVR buttons for a more in depth tour. You need to install Apple's QuickTimeVR software in order to play them on your computer. For help setting up your browser and viewing the panoramas see our QTVR help page

Pueblo Bonito panorama
Pueblo Bonito - shot from the north side of the pueblo just inside
the back wall, summer '95. Chaco Canyon, NM.

Go to a QTVR tour of Pueblo Bonito

Casa Rinconada panorama
Casa Rinconada - shot from the north entryway down into the
Great Kiva and into the adjoining room block containing the stairway
to the subterranean passage, summer '95. Chaco Canyon, NM.

Go to a QTVR tour of Casa Rinconada

Reconstructed Aztec Great Kiva
Reconstructed Great Kiva at Aztec Ruins - restored in 1934,
this movie shows what the inside of a Great Kiva, like Casa Rinconada,
was thought to look like. Aztec Ruins National Monument is about
forty miles north of Chaco Canyon near Aztec, NM.

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