Undergraduate Certificate in British Studies

Undergraduates interested in the literature, history, and culture of Britain are encouraged to develop an interdisciplinary concentration in British and Irish Studies. This work, to be completed in addition to a regular departmental major, will lead to a Certificate in British and Irish Studies. The Certificate demonstrates that the student has done serious work in several aspects of British and Irish Studies and will be advantageous when applying to graduate school or for jobs. It is open to students in Arts and Sciences and the professional colleges (e.g., Journalism and Business).


Students will take a total of 24 credits in British Studies (normally as 8 courses of 3 hours each). A grade of C- or better must be received in all classes. The courses should be distributed as follows:

  1. In the department of primary focus (either English or History, depending on the student's own interests), any 4 courses in British or Irish Studies. CBIS will provide a list of possible courses.
  2. In the secondary department (either History, English, or Political Science, depending upon which was chosen as the primary area), a minimum of 2 courses and a maximum of 4 courses. CBIS will provide a list of possible courses (see below).
  3. Students may take 1 or 2 courses in departments other than English, History, or Political Science, chosen from the attached list, in place of courses in the secondary department.
  4. Students are encouraged, though not required, to do some work of explicitly interdisciplinary nature. This might involve taking a team taught course offered by two departments, like English 3162 / History 3163 or English 4112 / History 4113, or doing an Independent Study or Honors Thesis which spans two disciplines.
  5. Studying in Britain or Ireland would be a fine addition to the Certificate. See the Office of International Education, Environmental Design Bldg., Room 1B45, (303)-492-6016, for information on CU's Study Abroad programs.

Eligible Courses

Benefits of this Concentration

  1. By taking courses dealing with various aspects of British Studies, students will gain a picture of Britain from several vantage points.
  2. Upon successful completion of requirements, students will be awarded an official Certificate in British Studies, signed by the Director of the Center for British Studies and the Dean of Arts and Sciences. The Certificate may be used by the student in applying for graduate school or employment, as evidence of a sustained interdisciplinary concentration in British Studies.


For more information, contact the current director of CBIS.