Thomas Edwin Devaney Fellowships for incoming Graduate Students


The objective of these fellowships is to recruit outstanding new students for doctoral graduate study in the humanities and the arts within the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder.

The fellowship will cover tuition, fees, and insurance plus a stipend equivalent to a 50% (.4 FTE) Graduate Part-Time Instructor appointment for the first and second years of graduate study. In addition, students receiving these fellowships will be named Center for Humanities and the Arts Graduate Fellows. Students receiving a fellowship will normally receive departmental support after the fellowship period, and those who pursue a doctoral degree at CU will be encouraged to compete for a Thomas Edwin Devaney Dissertation Fellowship to provide support during their final year.

Department Commitment

The nominating department must commit to provide at least two years of support to a student receiving this fellowship after the fellowship period; this support is, of course, contingent upon the student maintaining adequate progress. This support shall be equivalent to the normal level of TA or GPTI support currently offered by the department.


  1. The recipient must be an entering student in doctoral program. The student must be working in the humanities or the arts, but it is the student's work not departmental affiliation that is at issue here (that is, a student in cultural anthropology or political philosophy might be nominated).
  2. The student must be enrolled as a full-time student as defined by the rules of the Graduate School during the award period.
  3. A recipient may not hold another appointment, such as a teaching or research assistantship, during the fellowship period, but may hold another fellowship.
  4. The student must use the award during the time for which it is offered.
  5. The student must remain in good academic standing as defined by the rules of the Graduate School during the award period. The nominating department will normally withdraw support if the student fails to maintain adequate progress during the years of the fellowship.


Departments offering a doctoral degree may nominate one applicant. The nomination packet for each applicant should include:

  1. A letter of nomination from the department's Graduate Director indicating the measures used in selecting the nominee (i.e., GRE or TOEFL scores, writing samples, creative portfolios) and discussing the impact of the fellowship support for the quality of the department's graduate program.
  2. A letter from the department chair supporting the nomination and committing the additional years of support.
  3. Copy of the student's application, transcripts, and letters of recommendation.


  1. The selection committee will be composed of a representative from each humanities and arts department in the College of Arts and Sciences; the Director of the Center for Humanities and the Arts will serve as chair.
  2. Fellowships will be awarded strictly on the basis of merit.
  3. No more than one fellowship will be granted to a particular department.


12:00 noon, Friday, February 10, 2017

Please submit applications by email to Paula Anderson.