CHA Faculty Fellows

Lucy Chester, Associate Professor of History, Networks of Decolonization: Britain’s Withdrawal from South Asia and Palestine
Beth Dusinberre, Associate Professor of Classics, Persepolis and the Art of Imperial Administration
Jill Heydt-Stevenson, Associate Professor of English, The Afterlife of Things
Janice Ho, Assistant Professor of English, Liberal Englishness, Alterity, and the Twentieth-Century British Novel
Michael Huemer, Associate Professor of Philosophy, The Illusion of Authority
Karen Jacobs, Associate Professor of English, Trace Atlas: Itineraries of Postmodern Literary Space
Mithi Mukherjee, Associate Professor of History, The Right to Just Wars and the End of the Idea of Empire: The Indian National Army Trial of 1945 and the Reconstruction of the Discourse of International Law
John Slater, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Momentary Monuments: The Reign of the Spanish Hapsburgs and the Vegetable Kingdom

Adam Bradley, Associate Professor of English,
Why Song Lyrics Matter
Carlo Caballero, Associate Professor of Musicology,
Ballet and Ballet Music in France, 1849–1909: A Missing History Between Two Golden Ages
Brian Catlos, Associate Professor of Religious Studies,
Paradoxes of Plurality: Ethno-Religious Diversity and the Medieval Mediterranean
Jackie Elliott, Assistant Professor of Classics,
Fragments of the Roman Epic Past: Ennius Annales
Mitzi Lee, Associate Professor of Philosophy,
Aristotle’s Theory of Justice
Myles Osborne, Assistant Professor of History
, Making Mau Mau: Publicity, Propaganda, and the Press in Kenya, 1940-1963

Thomas Andrews, Associate Professor of History,
An Animals' History of the United States
David Ciarlo, Assistant Professor of History,
Selling War: Consumerism, War, and the Roots of Fascism in German Visual Culture, 1910-1920
Adam Hosein, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Amma Ghartey-Tagoe Kootin, Assistant Professor of Dance,
At Buffalo, and Laughing about Slavery: The Performances and Times of Laughing Ben Ellington
Catherine Labio, Associate Professor of English,
The House of Comics
Elias Sacks, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies,
The "Living Script": Moses Mendelssohn's Philosophy of Judaism
Suyoung Son, Assistant Professor of Chinese,
Publish or Perish: Literati and Print Culture in Late Imperial China

Katherine Eggert, Associate Professor of English,
Renaissance Happiness
Holly Gayley, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies,
Buddhist Modernism and Ethical Reform on the Tibetan Plateau
Nan Goodman, Professor of English,
The Puritan Cosmopolis: Internationalism in Early Modern New England
Peter Hunt, Professor of Classics,
Thrace in Athens/Athens in Thrace
Suzanne Magnanini, Associate Professor of Italian,
Love on Trial in Renaissance Venice
Laura Michaelis, Associate Professor of Linguistics,
Construction Grammar and Linguistic Innovation
David Shneer, Professor of History and of Jewish Studies,
Redeeming Germany: Yiddish Music Between Fascism and Communism
John Willis, Assistant Professor of History
, After the Caliphate: Mecca and the Geography of Crisis and Hope

David Atherton, Assistant Professor of Japanese,
Writing Violence in an Age of Peace: Breaking Bodies and Provoking Passions in Early Modern Japanese Literature
Chris Braider, Professor of French,
Persons and Portraits: Experimental Selves in Early Modern Europe
Matthew Gerber, Associate Professor of History,
Colonizing Law: Property, Kinship and Race in the Early Modern French Atlantic
Sungyun Lim, Assistant Professor of History,
Rule of Custom: Colonial Law and Women's Inheritance Rights in Modern Korea
Sasha Senderovich, Assistant Professor of Russian and of Jewish Studies,
Borderline Culture: Mobility and the Creation of the Soviet Jew, 1917-1936
Nuria Silleras-Fernandez, Assistant Professor of Iberian Literatures and Cultures,
Three Mad Queens: Gender and the Politics of Court Culture in Late Medieval and Early Modern Iberia
Masano Yamashita, Assistant Professor of French
, Static: Rousseau and Public Culture in the Age of Englightenment

Michelle Ellsworth, Associate Professor of Dance,
The Rehearsal Artist
Miriam Kingsberg, Assistant Professor of History,
The Objectivity Generation: Japanese Human Scientists in the Transwar World
Rebecca Maloy, Associate Professor of Musicology,
Sung in Honor of Sacrifice: Text, Melody, and Exegesis in the Iberian Offertory
Lauri Reitzammer, Assistant Professor of Classics,
Resident Aliens and Sacred Sightseers: Female Immigrants and Travelers in Greek Drama
Phoebe Young, Associate Professor of History,
Sleeping Outside: Histories of Camping and Public Nature in American Life since 1860
Sue Zemka, Professor of English
, Disabled Hands and Reimagined Bodies in the Age of Idustry and Modern War, 1815-1946

Tiffany Beechy, Assistant Professor of English, Flesh of the Word: Materiality, Aesthetics, and the Incarnation In Anglo-Saxon England
Loriliai Biernacki, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Who Says "I"?
Scott Bruce, Professor of History, Reinventing the Rule in Medieval Monasticism: The Rule of Benedict in its Manuscript Habitats, ca. 700-1700
Arne Hoecker, Assistant Professor of German, The Case of Literature: Literary Case Histories from Goethe to Kafka
Katie Little, Professor of English, Reading for the Moral in Late Medieval and Sixteenth-Century England
Antje Richter, Associate Professor of Chinese, Illness Narratives in Early Medieval Chinese Literature